re: Politicians being terrified of #furries 

"andromorphic behavior" is killing me here.

the bill spells it right, but the article went with this. Like they're trying to avoid naming the fae

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Politicians being terrified of #furries 

School vouchers for "trigger" districts which includes:

"those that have school staff or volunteers engaged in andromorphic behavior more commonly known as "furries."

nothing scarier to these people than cartoon animal people. booga booga!

Even my spoons are tired of coping with stuff.

I’m a cisgender white bisexual girl who married a cisgender straight guy, and both of us WILL go to bat for every single queer person we know, even the ones who say I’m not queer enough (which…is a lot of them, sadly).

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The cat just went over to the HomePod mini on my desk, meowed at it, and Siri said "sure here is some music for you" and the cat perched on the window sill listening to Garbage and Elliott Smith.

I just want to know how long this has been going on.

It's Deep Space Nine's 30th Anniversary. I wanted to do an illustration as I've not attempted to draw DS9 characters decades! It was a lot of fun. I plan on coloring it at some point but I feel like that will take some time. :D So here's the black and white version. #StarTrek #StarTrekDS9 #DS9 #FanArt #illustration

Then there was that time we bought Wilhelmslydale cheese.

I have two stories eligible for nomination this year.

Please check out "The Last Giant" in When The World Was Young, a furry prehistorical fiction anthology. You can get a copy here:

And if you'd like to nominate mine, or anyone else's, work, as I said, the Ursa Major awards are accepting nominations now, until February 11:

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The Coyotl Awards will open for nominations in a couple of weeks, but you can read more about the awards here:

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Here’s a little #Fernstodon, #LichenSubscribe, #Sporespondence for you, from the (very wet!) trail today. It is absolutely magic to go slip into some green in the middle of January, right?

#Maine #Hiking

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