Steven Universe Broadcast Grumbling 

hey what the heck

I got this sweet new icon!! its v good!!!

artist is shikaro, whose commissions just closed but may reopen sometime soon!

Be warned there could be some NSFW furry stuff in the link

furry nudity with no visible genitals 

ah the trouble with commissioning a nude refsheet, still censoring your "sfw" version. anyway this is my new sona, she's basically a chimera in effect? i imagine her as formerly bein a witch's familiar but now she's her own witch (and she looks weird cuz of experiments)

artist is pixel butts, be warned that there's far lewder than just butts on his tumblr
Had a dream where I was wearing this whole look, friend drew it up real quick but they're not on masto

This is like days late but a cutie told me my face is nice so now I'm kinda comfy with selfies. Have a selfie (cw selfie)

there's a furry's butt in here, with panties but also a bulge but im sharing this for humor rn 

a selection of two photos in my computer. you can blame the same person for both of these btw

omg i just now remembered i have super nice new art now? im so cute, omg

here's the comm sheet for the artist im just gonna link it since they're not on mastodon

ok now ive remembered how to properly put images on here, lol. thanks again @rrs for the sick screencaps of my squid

furry nudity, fully detailed, fursona idk its not that lewd 

I got this new pic drawn by Yurza on tumblr! its very cute and I love it tons~ (you'll find this pic posted on their lewd account,

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