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oh yea if ur under eighteen dont follow me,,

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Hey I’m biased but I think actually just asking for attention is valid, that’s my hot take

People talking shit about Yul. They’re the Honest Worm! Don’t you dare insinuate he ain’t the realist!

Girls want just one thing and its an Archon Priest who can gain them influence over the House.

Callout post about Paul Bunyan, dude's a lumberjack and I have the logs to prove it

how to fake global illumination:

1. for each point on a surface, ask yourself "if I was a tiny bug sitting on the surface of this object, what would the sky look like?"
2. think more about being a bug
3. enjoy thinking about being a bug
4. make a bugsona
5. make friends with other bugs
6. find a function that approximates the average sky colour. this will be a proxy for the hemispherical integral, and add that on top of any specular contribution

I wanna be see through, so im having a kid to become Trans Parent

i know i said fuck but i just mean it is exceedingly hot and i quite dislike it

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i want to become a demolition expert so after a successful job i can say "damn this blew up, here's my soundcloud"

destiny 2 is probably my favorite shooty game for multiple reasons showcased in this image

1) "calibrate swords"
2) banshee-44 mentioning sideways that nobody ever uses the block button

so the folks who gave us the magnificent Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor have just announced a dog photography game and I think we can all pack up and leave making games to them

i havent used masto in three weeks apparently but looking at my notifs has put me in the exact same place of asking: remember baby groot and all that merchandising

eyes discussion, soliciting health advice 

anyone know how to actually rest your eyes good?? i swear theyve been bloodshot for like three days straight

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