Asking for financial aid 

So thanks to my family's insurance fucking us over to the tune of 6 grand, and rent seekers magically losing our checks to them, we're about $7k in the hole.

If you could help us out a little to ease the financial blow, that would be great. I personally want to hang the insurance company who suddenly decided that we owe them money over something that they should have been covering.

Link to my son's ko-fi is here:

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Asking for financial aid 

I want to thank everyone who boosted and donated. I really appreciate y'all. <3

Asking for financial aid 

@FreyaManibrandr May be helpful, but if you need to write new checks, your FI should have a check dispute form to avoid any shenanigans. Having done FI work for 10 years, there's probably something to fill out for a lost check on that form that will allow you to effectively void and if necessary refund it. This offers you legal protection across the drafts network so you can't be taken advantage of.

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