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Revised thanks to recent events:
My name is Valerie Grimaude-Valens, but you can also call me Freya. I am an 8 foot tall Squirrel Werewolf who rejected heaven. I'm a sister to @AliceGrimaude and a mother to a few adoptees.

I am a former fascist who had reformed into an anarcho-syndicalist and a supporter of antifa. I sometimes talk about my time in the AltFurry cult to help people avoid falling in with that bad crowd, and to demolish the rhetoric they use to poison the community.

more art came in today. added two new pins to my lanyard (No more stolen sisters/ You are on native land)

Wrote these words of wisdom today, feel free to spread the good word.

psa please do not censor slurs or common triggers (e.g. sl*r). on fedi. you're doing more harm than good cause people who do not want to see these words at all can filter these words from their timeline entirely, but that will be bypassed if you censor.


To my Dragon and Kobold friends/mutuals, I have 2 zines about dragons!

There will be 2 winners getting 1 zine each.

I will be picking randomly, one winner for each zine.

[If you are a friend or mutual that is a Dragon or a Kobold, reply with your best “grr” and state which Zine you’d like.]

Ends Saturday, I will keep this pinned.

(Art by Eli Spencer and Sophie Robin)

conservatives & liberals love to reduce everything to "offense" but this is a convenient erasure of actual harm done by people's actions. and yes writing a fedi post is an action which can harm people, it can replicate structural violence, it can exclude and drive marginalized people out of spaces, it can create an increasingly more oppressive culture.

challenging these things is not about being "offended" by them, it is about combating actual ongoing violence against marginalized beings

rubber drone, latex, gasmask, fetish photography 

Night Drone

A lone latex drone stands in a dark corner of Korrent City

Some of the shots from a shoot I did last weekend for #SqueakySaturday!

As always, patrons get access to the full-res files over on my Patreon!

transbian fox doodle, nsfw 

who am she?

(No seriously, just kinda doodled and she was there)

anti anti cancel culture - what are the alternatives? 

And also, is this any of your business? Are you part of the communities being addressed?

Has what you want to say already been said by someone impacted by the issue at hand?

Check the replies before you add your own and boost the thoughts of ppl actually impacted by whatever issue it is. This is a great way to both ensure people who are actually affected get heard and to avoid dogpiling.

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anti anti cancel culture - what are the alternatives? 

What would you want the response to be from others if someone did x thing to you?
What would you want the response to be if you did x yourself?

What kind of response is the person or group of ppl who are impacted /actually asking for?/

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anti anti cancel culture - what are the alternatives? 

Harassment campaigns for minor issues and interpersonal disagreements are not specific to leftist communities. They are, however, more often couched in “anti oppressive” languages in our communities than in other settings.

The issue is not about cancelling - the issue is, as always, about media literacy and taking a critical lens to any information presented to you.

What power dynamics are going on?
Does this call out punch up or down?

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anti anti cancel culture - what are the alternatives? 

It reminds me of the detransition narrative in some ways - because this thing hurt me, it is universally bad for anyone to do.

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anti anti cancel culture - what are the alternatives? 

People who are “anti cancel culture” often ignore or minimize the ways calling people out can address real harm. They get focused on instances where the response to harm is significantly greater than the original harm, in their opinion - almost always bc this has happened to them

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anti anti cancel culture - what are the alternatives? 

Calling people out online is one of the only meaningful ways many people have to

a) let patterns of behaviour be known to others
b) seek any form of justice, even in “bad” ways like online harassment campaigns
c) find others who have had similar experiences

Yes, /ideally/ this happens after trying to privately talk to someone about the issue (“call in”) but there are plenty of situations where this might not be possible

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anti anti cancel culture - what are the alternatives? 

Thinking about this again

Something that really characterizes the “anti cancel culture” ppl, who are it seems primarily my fellow white queers, is a lack of alternatives.

Many people, especially marginalized folks, especially Black people, do not have the option to report harm to any kind of state sanctioned authorities. Many of us, especially those of us who are abolitionists, don’t /want/ to use policing or the state against ppl

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