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Asking for financial aid 

So thanks to my family's insurance fucking us over to the tune of 6 grand, and rent seekers magically losing our checks to them, we're about $7k in the hole.

If you could help us out a little to ease the financial blow, that would be great. I personally want to hang the insurance company who suddenly decided that we owe them money over something that they should have been covering.

Link to my son's ko-fi is here:

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Revised thanks to recent events:
My name is Valerie Grimaude-Valens, but you can also call me Freya. I am an 8 foot tall Squirrel Werewolf who rejected heaven. I'm a sister to @AliceGrimaude and a mother to a few adoptees.

I am a former fascist who had reformed into an anarcho-syndicalist and a supporter of antifa. I sometimes talk about my time in the AltFurry cult to help people avoid falling in with that bad crowd, and to demolish the rhetoric they use to poison the community.

Ready to take your order~ 🖤🔥
(selfie, eye contact, boosts and replies appreciated!)

#donate to shelter a trans homeless couple :abunhop: :abun:

"My fiancé and I are a homeless gay trans Latine couple and we are struggling to afford food, medicine, and shelter while we find a new home. We would appreciate help from anyone who is comfortable and capable of helping us."

Venmo: @ Elsa-Leon-89
CashApp: $ElsaLeon

#transmutualaid #mutualaid #boost

Reminder if you have a Debian system to install the "busybox-static" package. Contains most of the standard Unix utilities in a single statically compiled binary with no external library dependencies - just what you may need some day to recover your system if you either fuck up or your filesystem is broken

hung out with someone in VRChat tonight! been bugging her to get into VRC for a while now and fortunately she had an absolute blast :D

cw: eye contact

bitching about anti-tippers 

the easiest and most surefire way to screen people is by bringing up the concept of tipping your server. there's literally no good reason not to and every person who has an argument is just showing me how insufferable they are lmao

"well I'M european and I need to brag about my country being better than the USA instead of critically examining the other problems in my country" blocked, i dont care, + youre probably a colonizer in a country benefitting in the billions from slavery that allows you these things

"if servers wanted better pay they should work bett-" blocked, you're exactly the person that bitches the loudest about a lack of waitstaff and treats them the worst

"if we want to dismantle the system as a whole, they shouldnt be working and should be organizing-" blocked, i'm not sure what world you live in where dismantling the system is a salaried job that keeps people fed and housed but thats not reality


That is the personal Pleurisy instance of Taylan Kammer, the TERF shitwit and confessed sexual assaulter known as SocJusWiz.


NSFW furry art: naked lesbian rabbits 

Happy Naked Lesbian Rabbit Day 2022!  Normally it's Caramel tying up Cream, but it looks like they're experimenting with some role reversal this year.


Broke: Wearing a collar in public is involving other people in your kink, you gross pervert

Woke: Wearing a collar in public is no better or worse than wearing a wedding ring

Bespoke: Wearing a wedding ring in public is involving other people in your kink, you gross pervert


An updated #introduction / #reintroduction.

My name is Zoë; I'm non-binary and genderfluid pansexual in my mid 30s.

By the day, I work in the books business. All day long, I'm hella :100_gay:. I love reading, writing letters, drawing stuff, taking photos of nature (especially plants and birds), and sometimes a bit of writing for fun. I identify as leftist, humanist, and anti-authoritarian. Spiritually, I follow the Unitarian Universalist way.

Currently, I'm being treated for depression and anxiety disorders. I use CWs liberally, and if you'd like me to CW my posts, please let me know.

I am trained in mathematics, physics, and astronomy. I love learning more about the world and its people.

All interactions are welcome, as long as we remain respectful towards each other as human beings, no more no less.

It's nice to meet ya! :heart_nb:


I don't care how many hammer and sickles and pride flags you put on your name and bio, I don't care how much academic Marxism you extol constantly.

If you use anything that resembles the n-word, that is a KNOWN DOG WHISTLE TO THE N-WORD, to disparage whole groups of people by their immutable quality, and then double down when called out, AND THEN have your partner turn it into a DARVO mindgame. You're both chuds and are instantly going into my shit-list.

Fucking white leftists, IS2G.

Please remember that you should never feel ashamed of having plushies and sleeping with them.
Plushies can help you when you are having a hard time.

@malte @FreyaManibrandr @June Ashton Daniel and Jackson Bird are great! Also Ash Hardell's channel is great for exploring gender stuff

We're approaching April Fool's Day, so I'd like to point out Benign Violation Theory.

Something is funny if it:

a) violates established norms
b) the violation is benign
c) the audience realizes the first two simultaneously

My prank books, like "Ed Mastery" and the Networknomicon? Violations, don't hurt anyone, they're redonkulus.

Things that are not benign? Not funny.

Blog posts are only rarely funny, unless targeted at a very narrow audience.

Choose wisely.

Been looking at this lately as a source of reaffirmation.

We decided it was worth sharing and transcribing for alt-text.

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