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My family in Portland is suffering an incoming heatwave with no working AC units available. They are going to need $480-600 for at least one replacement unit to survive the summer. If you'd like to help, their cashapp is:$GrimCleo

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Revised thanks to recent events:
My name is Valerie Grimaude-Valens, but you can also call me Freya. I am an 8 foot tall Squirrel Werewolf who rejected heaven. I'm a sister to @AliceGrimaude and a mother to a few adoptees.

I am a former fascist who had reformed into an anarcho-syndicalist and a supporter of antifa. I sometimes talk about my time in the AltFurry cult to help people avoid falling in with that bad crowd, and to demolish the rhetoric they use to poison the community.

Also, if you have any doubts. Allow me to validate you by saying you're awesome.

If you're my friend, I love you, and I will consensually smooch you in the face to show my appreciation, as well as consensually hugging you.

Also, normalize telling your friends that you love them, and not making it awkward by having a whole thing about clarifying that it's not romantic.

Normalize smooching your friends on the face, not as anything romantic, just to show appreciation for them. (With consent, of course)

Barbados will became a republic, removing the British monarch as head of state as of Dec 1 2021:

please join my political campaign to raise the minimum wage in the US so that military recruiters can't prey upon poor people anymore. I call it 

@g1comics @owl @crowlad Wage Against the Marine

at some point tech people started thinking that decentralized = blockchain and i will forever hate them for that

it's good to give your dragon lots of care, a tended to dragon is a loved dragon :KoboldUwU: ( @chr )

@FreyaManibrandr tbh, anything less then dedicated corporate lobbying efforts /for/ LGBTQ rights and I'm not impressed

Fedi Meta 

Blocking the entirety of Elekk was one of the best decisions I've made on here

Fuck corporate lip-service, if you want to say you support us, do so materially.

My "top 5" bands 

1. Devo
2. Misfits
3. Dead Kennedys
4. Man or Astro-man?
5. Polysics

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We should make it a rule that corporations should be banned from queerwashing their brands for just one month unless they donate at least 5% of their CEO's total earnings, after tax, to LGBT advocacy groups.

Either CEOs are on our side all year 'round, or they prove their integrity by putting money where their mouths are.

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ALSO let players pick and change main pronouns at any time.

Like this shouldn't be hard to code, but you almost never see any of these features in games outside of indie development

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Like, just have the game make your character's gender presentation ambiguous and let you decide your character's gender presentation via hair style and outfit choices, and name choices.

Also let players rename their main characters mid-game.

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Game: "What's your character's race?"
Game: "What is your character's class?"
Game: "Now give your character a name?"
Gamer bro: "Wait, aren't you gonna ask if I am a boy or a girl?"
Game: "Honey, you've already made that decision for yourself."

Normalize nonbinary as the default gender option in character creation in games.

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