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#Introduction Post Cont'd 

The Grimaude surname, often mistaken for a system name, is actually our family name. The Grimaude family is a found family consisting of outcasts like us who are plural, trans, otherkin, and/or any other flavours of queer, and who have escaped, is currently dealing with abusive families.

@AliceGrimaude is my sister and @Ulfra_Wolfe is our prodigal daughter.

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#Introduction Post Cont'd 

Politically speaking, we consider ourselves to be post-leftist anarchists, and unapologetic iconoclasts. There was a time when we used to hang out with fascists, but that was no longer a thing since late 2018, and we've spent the time since deradicalizing, getting disappointed with mainstream leftism again, and then walking further left, decolonizing along the way.

We now enjoy pushing people further left, waking them up to the existential nightmare that is a world built on Capitalism, and bullying the fuck out of fascists online and offline.

Also, we recently found out we're indigenous Cebuano, and how much of our culture the spaniard colonizer bastards took from us and subverted to christianity.

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#Introduction Post 

So here it is, the new

We're the Mánibranðr system, consisting of ~1.4k headmates, and a main cast of 6+ fronters. The ones that we know of are:

💚 Elisha/Velvet Allbright/Albrecht Grimaude - Current host and reincarnation of Valerie/Freyja/Valfreyja/Brynhilðr. Goatbun Avali Dragontaur. Velvet Crowe fictive. 💚
❤️ R4YNA Tiyaga Grimaude - One of two reincarnations of Julayla. Goat-Fennec-Kitsune Auto-Warlock Pleasurebot Protogen. Frisk fictive. ❤️
💛 Lilith/Lailah Crimson Grimaude - The other reincarnation of Julayla. Ectoplasmic Snep-Squirrel, with a Demonic Nogitsune form. Chara fictive. 💛
💜 Ricardo Ialdabaoth Grimaude - One of the originals. Former god, he's become our inner child. Transfem demiboy. Cherub Goat. Asriel fictive. 💜
💙 Ashlynn Valefor Grimaude - The other original. Xey are a Fomorian Succubun with critical levels of horny. Learning to enjoy existence again. 💙
🤍 Saturnine Stargazer - Empathetic mirror of an ex-friend, has since disowned the person she's based on. Assertive, but also kind most of the time. Moth Surveyor Protogen. 🤍
🖤 Innominat - Not much is known about them, but Ricardo insists we adopt them from our headspace world into our fronting crew. Empathetic mirror of another ex-friend. No telling if they will stick around or not. 🖤

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Asking for financial aid 

So thanks to my family's insurance fucking us over to the tune of 6 grand, and rent seekers magically losing our checks to them, we're about $7k in the hole.

If you could help us out a little to ease the financial blow, that would be great. I personally want to hang the insurance company who suddenly decided that we owe them money over something that they should have been covering.

Link to my son's ko-fi is here:

Furry Art, EC, Plurality 

Ashlynn: So this is it, this was what I looked like when I first emerged. A bit of past life regression via art.

the logic of punching nazis (nazi flag for educational purposes) :boost_requested: 


And if anyone can give me an artist source that isn't just a hashtag, in this case "drawninpowerpoint", I'll be happy.


taking the guy who wrote an essay about how horses have the most advanced butthole and the guy who wrote about vaporeon being the most fuckable pokemon and making them fight to determine which is the best fursona


Ashlynn: I think the main takeaway is that I am the system's eros and that I should embrace it.

Also, I was always empathetic, I've just been dissociated from emotions all these years, and am feeling things for the first time in my existence.

First Patreon reward of the month, this one a sketch reward.

A fiery tigbun!

Took a little creative freedom with it, maybe a little too much @.@

#FurryArt #MastoArt

Pro-tip: if you are ever feeling like you don't get enough engagement on Mastodon just post something about requesting that folks use CWs in their posts.

Voila! Instant engagement.

Furry Art, EC, Plurality 

Ashlynn: So this is it, this was what I looked like when I first emerged. A bit of past life regression via art.

i made a tool to bulk watermark images and videos! Used it to watermark 200+ images/videos recursively. it can scale the watermark, set opacity, position and margin and also back up files before editing them.

You can find it at!

Forcibly reminded that in SFF publishing circles, (white) women will happily boost POC they deem ok while throwing POC they think are "bad" under the bus.

Fun fact: POC are also human and complicated AF. Demanding purity from us is violence.

Anti-furry bs 

"I like shitting on and making furries as much as the next person, but [...]"

You fucking cowards. You have to preface it with "no no really I don't like furries either they're weird right? Let's bully them haha" because you're afraid of being picked on yourselves. You know that if you just said "maybe we should leave furries alone" your fellows would turn on you.

Honorless pataqs.

Begpost, Medical 

A friend of mine is in desperate need of weed funds. (Physical pain, being able to function) Xey need around $50 at least to cover expenses for now, any help will be appreciated:

Additionally, when you buy Made in China, you buy Made With Coal.

They burn coal to power everything they do, and that increases the carbon footprint dramatically.
On top of that the efficiency of their processes relies on lots of cheap labor. As in, energy inefficient, manual processes.

If you were wondering why global carbon emissions haven't slowed down much, look at the chinese megatonnage.

It's not denying freedom of speech if someone won't pay you to say your intolerant horseshit. It's the fucking capitalism I thought you all adored so much.

Geopol, China 

I suspect that what folks are upset about is Chinese style Capitalism.

Yes western capitalism is Bad(tm) but it ignores that we live in a Global economy. Our nation and climate is directly effected by a system of government that I'd like everyone to take a moment to read up on.

The CCP is that fash nightmare regime you're afraid of, and they've been openly trying to Fuck us.

Sure, right wing nutjobs here make our lives hell. Who do you think pays them to be that way?

I know this is extreme, I'm mostly angry that there's a Genocide going on RN and the People perpetrating the crime against humanity are Serial Offenders we let back into the international community to one-up the Soviets.

I wonder everyday how much of the world I interact with every day was made by Slave Labor in mainland China.

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Capitalism has convinced you RSS is antiquated. The real reason it's fading is because it doesn't have ads and tracking. You going to tell me the news article is truly better on a browser with ads than on a little program you can open any time, on or offline?

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in our society, we are under pressure to forgive people who mean well

and we want to - we believe the world is better when people can make mistakes and that's not the end of their story...

...but before we forgive, here's our definition of "means well":

someone means well if, upon learning that they've erred, they work to change for the better.

- 🎒

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