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Revised #introduction thanks to recent events:
My name is Valerie Grimaude-Valens, but you can also call me Freya. I am an 8 foot tall Squirrel Werewolf who rejected heaven. I'm a sister to @AliceGrimaude and a mother to a few adoptees.

I am a former fascist who had reformed into an anarcho-syndicalist and a supporter of antifa. I sometimes talk about my time in the AltFurry cult to help people avoid falling in with that bad crowd, and to demolish the rhetoric they use to poison the community.

Crowdfunding, asking for donations 

so many people never gave up edgelord humor and just shifted the target of their edgy above-it-all attacks to those that aren't stigmatized to make fun of anymore

@anarchiv the struggle against white supremacy begins by admitting the Beatles kind of suck

(linguistic footnote: -aster is a pejorative prefix from the Latin indicating that someone is bad at the skill indicated by the noun it attaches to - the classic example in our mind is the grammaticaster, who berates others for failing to adhere to made-up rules of propriety in a language, like the no-split-infinitives thing in English. - 🐲)

hot take about social media hustling and social media boundaries (warnings for discussion of guilt trips, second-person, 168 words) 

if you can handle fewer features such as not being able to see what your friends are listening to, if you use the browser version of spotify adblock will remove ads

It's still a little ways away, but I thought I'd debut the theme song for TAIL Act 3 here now. Originally it was going to be a much more energetic rock song, but then some very Dark Things happened.


Katie Bat - The Long Road

#mastoArt #mastoMusic

"Why wipe out 50% of all lives when you can save 99% of them by wiping out the worst 1%?"

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Gender shitpost, astronomy 

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