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Soliciting donations | Ko-Fi | RB welcome 

I am now opening up to tipping/donations via Ko-Fi, and this is going to help me save up for a new PC, which is becoming a more urgent need after this current machine's 11-year run.

You can check out the relevant post here:

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#Introduction Post Cont'd 

The Grimaude surname, often mistaken for a system name, is actually our family name. The Grimaude family is a found family consisting of outcasts like us who are plural, trans, otherkin, and/or any other flavours of queer, and who have escaped, is currently dealing with abusive families.

@AliceGrimaude is my sister and @Ulfra_Wolfe is our prodigal daughter.

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#Introduction Post Cont'd 

Politically speaking, we consider ourselves to be post-leftist anarchists, and unapologetic iconoclasts. There was a time when we used to hang out with fascists, but that was no longer a thing since late 2018, and we've spent the time since deradicalizing, getting disappointed with mainstream leftism again, and then walking further left, decolonizing along the way.

We now enjoy pushing people further left, waking them up to the existential nightmare that is a world built on Capitalism, and bullying the fuck out of fascists online and offline.

Also, we recently found out we're indigenous Cebuano, and how much of our culture the spaniard colonizer bastards took from us and subverted to christianity.

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#Introduction Post 

So here it is, the new

We're the Mánibranðr system, consisting of ~1.4k headmates, and a main cast of 6+ fronters. The ones that we know of are:

💚 Elisha/Velvet Allbright/Albrecht Grimaude - Current host and reincarnation of Valerie/Freyja/Valfreyja/Brynhilðr. Goatbun Avali Dragontaur. Velvet Crowe fictive. 💚
❤️ R4YNA Tiyaga Grimaude - One of two reincarnations of Julayla. Goat-Fennec-Kitsune Auto-Warlock Pleasurebot Protogen. Frisk fictive. ❤️
💛 Lilith/Lailah Crimson Grimaude - The other reincarnation of Julayla. Ectoplasmic Snep-Squirrel, with a Demonic Nogitsune form. Chara fictive. 💛
💜 Ricardo Ialdabaoth Grimaude - One of the originals. Former god, he's become our inner child. Transfem demiboy. Cherub Goat. Asriel fictive. 💜
💙 Ashlynn Valefor Grimaude - The other original. Xey are a Fomorian Succubun with critical levels of horny. Learning to enjoy existence again. 💙
🤍 Saturnine Stargazer - Empathetic mirror of an ex-friend, has since disowned the person she's based on. Assertive, but also kind most of the time. Moth Surveyor Protogen. 🤍
🖤 Innominat - Not much is known about them, but Ricardo insists we adopt them from our headspace world into our fronting crew. Empathetic mirror of another ex-friend. No telling if they will stick around or not. 🖤

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Asking for financial aid 

So thanks to my family's insurance fucking us over to the tune of 6 grand, and rent seekers magically losing our checks to them, we're about $7k in the hole.

If you could help us out a little to ease the financial blow, that would be great. I personally want to hang the insurance company who suddenly decided that we owe them money over something that they should have been covering.

Link to my son's ko-fi is here:

Mmm... this might make for a fun writing piece cncbxmxnxbcbx

Min-Su entices some poor mortal into a game of riddles, which the mortal promptly loses. The kumiho yanks their meal's soul out with their yeowoo guseul (the glass ball they always carry), musing that they have other ideas besides dinner.

They casually devour the mortal's body, enjoying the sensation of being so full... before moving onto other, more pleasurable fun with the soul they stole... ;3

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I will soon be unemployed due to lay offs, so if anyone knows or needs a Java/C/TypeScript/Python programmer I am open to those!

Everybody knows about þe Just-World Fallacy by now, right? For today's lucky 10k or so, it is an implicit assumption of þe benevolence of þe status quo, þat everyþing has a good, or "just" reason for being þe way it is. Unjust systems which manage to outlast an entire generation, such as capitalism, gain a major inertia boost from þe Just-World Fallacy, simply for appearing as if it has been around forever, and is þerefore definitely doing someþing right, for it wouldn't be if it weren't, right?

I have observed a more insidious form of þe Just-World Fallacy as of late. One which one James Stephanie Sterling has undoubtedly noticed by now, at least subconsciously, else þey would not feel so compelled to reiterate points as much as þey do.

It is a Just-World on an individual level, an assumption þat people are reasonable and just, an assumption þat, any scandal þat breaks out, if given enough time, will be rectified reasonably, and said scandal won't keep simply perpetuating itself.

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How many of you bought an Ubisoft game, even þough þey are harboring sex predators, because you felt like þey *surely* couldn't still be doing þat now?

How many of you bought a Blizzard game, even þough it's *run* by sex predators, because you felt, "oh, isn't Microsoft fixing þat?"

How many of you bought Starfield, despite what Beþesda did to its trans employee as soon as she came out (and, honestly, despite þe quality of literally every Beþesda title for þe last decade or two)?

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Porn, monsterfucking, dragon 

I felt so triumphant when I finished this comission and the client got exactly the emotional impact they were looking for, it's got so much power to it ❤️‍🔥

👾Monsterfuckers!👾 I love it too, hmu for your own fantasy brought to life!

#dragon #dragonfucker #monsterfucker #nsfw #nsfwart #porn

I'm trans and BIPoC. If after this week's racist bullshit you are trans, and you still cannot differentiate criticism for racist-ass speech and behavior from transphobia, get the fuck off Mastodon and do some self-education.

Just because someone is criticizing you for some opinion, politics, belief, or something you wrote and you're trans, that doesn't make the criticism by default transphobic.

Trans people still by default have plenty of work to make justice in the world (especially the white trans people), and last week clearly demonstrates that it's wholly possible to be trans and experience trans-based bias and marginalization and still manage to also be a racist piece of shit.

Or you could potentially hire me if you weren't too terrible a person. I do have standards, though.

Pepe is a fascist dog whistle

Some people actively go out of their way to defend pepe by saying they are just a "funny little frog" and so not worth the time to remove from our spaces.

The thing is though, if they were "just" a "funny little frog", then there would be no reason to spend that much effort defending them. Even if you disagree about something being fascist, if you think it is inconsequential you would stop using it as others ask you to or actively ban it. The fact that these people spend so much time defending it shows not only are they lying about it being "just a funny little frog", they know it is a fascist dog whistle and are protecting its usage as that

Do time give these people the time of day. Do not try to debate them. Fascists never cared about truth and are never going to.

Reminder that people are still DDoSing @Are0h 's instance, and his The Bad Space website - a fedi safety project run by a Black man for protecting BIPoC and other marginalized people on the fediverse.

If you've spent any time looking through the fediblock hashtag you'll have seen the same instances coming up, being discovered by the same new admins when they suddenly find themselves targets of harassment. This harassment has literally driven people off fedi and from -

But don't take my word for it. Go see what the Black Queer community of fedi is saying. If you can't find them, if you haven't seen them in your feed, you're following the wrong people. here's a few for you.

The Bad Space was created by a Black man who was fed up of the racism rampant on fedi and decided to do something about it. That people are trying to stop his work by DDoSing him into silence is testament to how afraid they are.

Racists fuck off.

(P.S. next toot)

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A bunch of people have asked me how they can help and support Ro and the project.

Put your money behind it. Ro's doing work, and anyone doing work should be paid for it. Ro's doing work that benefits the safety of fedi and the safety of its BIPoC users.

So pay him. 💪

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Heyo cuties, your girl's baaack~

*Genderfluid FLEX*

Time to flex on you... or be flexed on, I love both~

Art by BittyCharms on Bluesky and twitter!

I wish cis white queers would stop weaponizing other marginalized identities to attack BIPOC already. It's really obvious that you're using the language of the marginalized to launder your racism.

Ok, let me clarify this:

-Unity merged with a malware company last year.

-Unity is now saying it will be able to detect what is a first install. Which is impossible. Because some kind of malware would be needed to work on your system to be able to tell unity.

Oh, wait. Do you see where I'm going? #unity #gamedev #IndieDev

encountering angry queers really started me down the rabbithole of radicalization. i saw a bunch of angry queer people and people of color being loudly angry about their experience and it made me uncomfortable but i couldn't really say they were wrong. and i sat with that for a long time until i realized the reason i couldn't say they were wrong was because they were right. and that was hard for me to wrap my brain around because i was conflict-avoidant. and i had a lotta blind spots

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Fedi Admins, look out for instance attacks 

A bunch of us are getting dodgy sign ups and password reset requests on the admin accounts from people trying to gain access, as well as a couple of instances experiencing DDOSes. Keep an eye. :artpaw: #FediAdmin #MastoAdmin

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