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Revised thanks to recent events:
My name is Valerie Grimaude-Valens, but you can also call me Freya. I am an 8 foot tall Squirrel Werewolf who rejected heaven. I'm a sister to @AliceGrimaude and a mother to a few adoptees.

I am a former fascist who had reformed into an anarcho-syndicalist and a supporter of antifa. I sometimes talk about my time in the AltFurry cult to help people avoid falling in with that bad crowd, and to demolish the rhetoric they use to poison the community.

Reminder that I moved off Patreon. My content subscription service is all 100% diy. You get to sign up to the same tiers w pricing as before, and the content comes straight to your inbox in the form of a newsletter.

Most things I used to thread about can be found here along with BTS art production, journaling, art criticism and more. Sign up to get goodies but also, you know, help me live. This helps keep my art available for free as I make films.

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Why does it have to fall on the shoulders of a trans nb PoC to take up arms and lead the revolution? Why are white people such fucking cowards?

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Vent (---) 

I really hate this fucking system and the rich white vermin that feeds on it, and I hate the fact that westerners, even white leftists, are too spineless to do anything meaningful about it.

Vent (---) 

The fact alone that healthcare costs money out of the pocket of patients is a smoking gun that capitalism is just eugenics for white liberals.

If you use youtube you should subscribe to my channel bc I post my short films, videos and talks there :)

How many ppl are gonna be able to criticize (rightfully) Harris but be unable to do so without a veneer of racist misogyny?

I'm well curious.

I'm already tall.
I wanna be buff and butch, with a nice silver haircut and two golden earrings.
Blue and silver colour scheme for clothes.

I've launched the registration form for #TheReadingRoom #TRR
Season one is Black/Indigenous philosophy, especially phenomenology. Materials, private forums & members only access w remote teaching are all a part of the package I'm offering.

It's my very own program! If you want to learn abt Blk/Indig/Latine studies & new ways for dismantling whiteness in philosophy/politics, this might be for you

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Hey you!
Yes, you.

You are not stupid, and you are not a burden on anyone. The world is a cruel place, and they often get you to tear yourself down so they don't have to do it themselves. Don't give in, fight back against those thoughts.

You are not stupid, the world is just an esoteric mess where inexplicable things just happens, and the knowledge you need is kept out of your reach.

You are not a burden, the people that built this world around us is what is burdening us, and inhibiting our means and capability to sustain ourselves.

Don't tear yourself down, you're only hurting those close to you. Instead turn this feeling outward, and hate the oppressors who illegitimately run this world and make existence painful for you.

Women are not inherently gentle nurturers. Black people are not a race of brave freedom fighters. Indigenous peoples are not all (shudder) noble nature warriors. Jewish people are not meek, helpless sufferers. Screw your "positive" stereotypes, dehumanization with sparkles and smiley faces is still dehumanization, a promise to revoke our human rights the moment we fail to live up to impossible standards.

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uspol related, twitter related anger 

Also could we please not repost shit from the fucking Lincoln Project?

They're fucking Republicans. THEY MADE THIS HAPPEN. I no longer trust them not to have some completely profit minded, probably racist motivation, for opposing the horrifying thing they were happy to create.

And I refuse to be the Compassionate Kike, the Polite Faggot, and the Good Patriotic Leftist who will mouth the platitudes these vicious creatures WANT us to mouth.

re: uspol related, twitter related anger 

Was the Republican party somehow less innately bigoted, voter-suppressing, theocratic, anti-environment, and profiteering prior to 2016? Admittedly the equivalent of hemorraghing blood anally is one hell of a symptom, but Trump is the symptom, not the disease.

Am I somehow expected to swallow that NOW they're the good guys?

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so a white person says a racial slur on the UK's biggest broadcasting network and a black man is the one that has to leave his job

fuckin' hate England.

the fact that AT&T's customer service job has a fucking intelligence test in the application quiz is actually just eugenics.

China doesn't invade other nations?? *laughs in Chinese invasion of Korea during the Korean War*

"China doesn't have military bases around the world uwu"

China's been doing that for 2,000 fricking years you ignorant lollipop literally Koreans became a nation and an identity around the need to push Chinese military bases out of our land but pls go on about how China is not imperialist

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US Pol, white culture, hot take, subtoot 

I am just gonna say it, everyone who has been a member of Kiwifarms, or any other reactionary subculture posing as atrocity tourism has either been a part of the owner class, or a maladjusted child of those types.

The pattern of moral myopia, selective misanthropy, and extreme discompassion for anyone who aren't immediately related to them is most likely tied to the white attitude of colonizing everything they touch, and attempting to create dynastic power structures out of it.

It's always interesting to see how far they will go to scrutinize "the other" for being offended by toxic behaviour, and yet the queer people they so hate and constantly talk about as if we're the worst things in the world for a proper society, live rent free in their heads.

They frequently scrutinize queer folk for always needing financial aid to survive, and yet they subsist on the welfare of their families, or have devised surreptitious ways to extract capital from their interactions. They call it parasitism when we ask for help, but when they ask for help, it's "free speech"

They often accuse us of stealing their wealth when we unionize or campaign for social benefits, all while they/their parents make their fortunes off of the blood sweat and tears of the people they oppress. Either that or they worship those who do.

They amplify our missteps, hold us collectively responsible for every single mistake one of our own individuals make, while diminishing or even raging at our achievements and triumphs. Meanwhile, they fight amongst each other for scraps of recognition, while they constantly and cowardly evade responsibility for the mistakes their own makes.

I could go on.

The point is though, the entire idea of atrocity tourism and cringe culture is an expression of white supremacy. And it is white supremacy, because it ultimately teaches people to create and enforce hierarchies, all while blocking any feelings of sympathy and compassion forming towards anyone who happens to fall on their crosshairs. Pretty much like what you see in white boomer culture everywhere.

And if you are having any doubts about the connection between atrocity tourism and white supremacy? Guess who often ends up being targeted by it. That's right, autistic, queer and PoC folk, people who white people have historically been known to oppress and teach other cultures to oppress.

If you wanna know why I think most white "allies" like a certain pink baloon, are fake as hell and untrustworthy, this is why. I caught them and people like them mocking BIPOC folk whenever they defend themselves from the racism on the fediverse, all while treating the altercation and heated discussions like their personal circus.

Cancel Culture Scaremongering Is Just Identity Politics For Idiots | Ash Sarkar | Novara Media

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