Summary of a Wickerbeast's Adventure, Pt. 1 + 

So i didn't mention this, but we recently got an oven, and I had been dabbling in baking. This has given a few of us a lot of euphoria, seeing as our late mother (May she rot forever in Niflheim) traumatized us with her cooking and baking attempts. Today, I decided to make lemon vanilla cake.

re: Summary of a Wickerbeast's Adventure, Pt. 2 + 

Afterwards, since I needed time for the dough to settle, I went and got myself a bomb-ass minced pork burger, with fries and cheesy spring rolls. Then went and met with a trader who was willing to part with this lovely collection of 12 classic novels for a little over $10.

re: Summary of a Wickerbeast's Adventure, Pt. 3 + 

Seeing as I needed space on my shelf, I decided to go through my mini-library and get rid of books I've read and don't plan on revisiting. I made enough space to shelve those books. The books I'm going to part with will be donated to an orphanage/shelter.

re: Summary of a Wickerbeast's Adventure, Pt. 4 + 

With the book situation sorted, I decided to return to my cake. I put the batter on a cake tin, and lined the top with banana slices, and slapped it in the oven at 180ºC for 35 mins.

Meanwhile, I quickly made some instant noodles with leftovers for dinner while I wait for the cake to bake. The noodles were spicy salted egg flavored, and I added sweet vinegar, chicken bouillon and cabbage to the mix. It was tasty and very filling.


re: Summary of a Wickerbeast's Adventure, Pt. 5 + 

The cake dinged, and after a few minutes of settling, I took it out of the oven and the tin, and covered it in chocolate peanut butter as a topping. The residual heat really made the topping molten and so it was easy to sculpt the PB&Choc topping over the cake.

It came out pretty good, could use a bit more sugar, but I liked how zesty it is, and the banana added to the sweetness. Pretty proud of it.

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re: Summary of a Wickerbeast's Adventure, Pt. 6 + 

Rounded out my day by reading 160 pages from page 48 to 208 of Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan. I've been reading the trilogy books in reverse order and it's been an interesting experience.

I recommend the author's works, he seems to be pro LGBT, and it's a breath of fresh air.

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