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Eye contact, Selfie 

Recent selfie we liked that we took!!!

[A selfie, us wearing a blue hoodie, red glasses, pinky red hair, smiling]


In a few days we will be 6 months without smoking!!!

We decided to quit on our Owner's birthday as part of our birthday gift :3

Selfie, eye contact 

Fave selfie of this year!!!

[A selfie with a yellow sundress, bared shoulders, red glasses, pink and purple hair, fake flower clip in hair, smiling]

We really want to reconnect with a friend but don't know where to find them! We miss them!!!

Education, Scared 

Is it normal to be terrified on learning things? And being so scared makes you unable to start the progress of learning?


Anxiety is pretty high atm.

We think its due to not knowing whats happening in our social thing with Vi's date mate.

Anxiety sucks.

Recentish selfies for you cuties to enjoy!!!

[The picture is a selfie with purple and pink hair, flower in hair, red glasses, purple lipstick]

We just got an appointment that's 30 mins away that starts in 30 minutes.

Costing us over 50$aud in Uber fees.

Wish us luck!

Animal Crossing 

Is it just us or is Animal Crossing like not a fun game at all. We dont get any pleasent feels from it and it all feels like a chore that doesnt feel good when you accomplish things.

Our ankle and leg hurt from doing Netball with our Personal Trainer on Friday, all of the ouchies.

Hey all.

We have been on the NDIS since like March and things have been amazing for us since we have been on it. Life is going goods!

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The Calstevania Anniversary Collection should've had Castlevania 64, don't @ me

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Asking for Money :boost_ok:​ 

I got a donation of $100, which means I can afford two of the three of these, travel to my therapist, laundry, refill on my meds, or my phone bill.

I still need $20 for laundry and then $60 for my phone bill.

Please me afford the rest of what I need:

Cash App:$NatsumiKitty



#TransCrowdFund #Crowdfund

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If you'd like to help a schizo girl who's particularly struggling,,

Every bit makes a difference 💜

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She was as pretty as the dark side of the moon. Her hair was red and shined bright in the moonlight. Her lips invitingly kissable.

But as the distance to the moon is to Earth so is she. Living on the otherside of the world, her love though reaching us through the many layers of the Earth to reach our greatful embrace.

She is as great as the moon and just as precious. But as humans have reached the moon so will I. Distance means nothing to us if the end result is her.

re: American Politics - Guns - Mass Shooting 

All the friends we have ever had, have never owned a gun. And thats very common in Aus. Guns aren't needed. Guns are bad.

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American Politics - Guns - Mass Shooting 

Americans need to be like other countries around the world and have proper gun laws. Australia hasn't had a mass shooting in a long time. But over 200 have happened in America this year alone. Something needs to be done about it and soon. Owning guns can't be more important then innocent people losing there lives.

Negative Feelings 

We feel really bad, but we don't think we are in the wrong. Everything sucks.

We want another partner but have 0 spoons to go on dating apps lol. Socialising is hard.

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