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huuuge shoutout to for drawing this awesome art of my fursona! (also first art ive ever gotten of this sona!!!) :cow_heart::cow_heart::cow_heart:

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name change announcement, :boost_ok:​ 

i've been doing some thinking about this for the past few days and i'd like to announce something. my name is Toy. i won't be going as bee or b anymore, my actual real life name is Toy now. thanks for understanding y'all :cow_heart:

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cant stop thinking about mr regular calling the ford courier the kobold of pickup trucks

Bills, Cancer, Thank you, Still asking for help but not quite as urgently for now 

Check it out, we're paid up for now. Thank you, everyone.

We'll have more bills coming, especially if chemo is in our future, so please keep giving to and spreading the fundraiser.

And yes, the latter receipt just looked like that in my inbox, with unparsed non-breaking space codes and all.

#TransCrowdFund #MutualAid


GoFundMe, Cancer, Positive, Breathing 

We've reached our current milestone for the GoFundMe, which is, Jesus Christ, amazing. Thank you everyone. Our Surgery and Oncology bills are now paid off.

We're not -done-, because we still have scans scheduled for August and probably another oncology visit to discuss those results, plus whatever happens after that, so any funds given us now will be creating a buffer for those, but for right now we can just... breathe.

request for financial help..again, guh 

Thank you all so much for the help last month!

I hate to request further generosity, but I'm afraid things are still dire. To get through the rest of the month, I was depending on a client paying me on time by tomorrow.

They just cancelled for two weeks.

I'll be getting paid eventually, but in the immediate, I'm a bit stuck.

So um, if you're feeling generous, I would deeply appreciate anything else you might want to toss my way!

Asking for help, cancer, please boost! 

We need to get our fundraiser to $4000 in order to pay off the (current) remaining bills before that number increases. We are, at time of posting, $506 dollars away from that goal, and still need your help.

Please boost, share with others, and if you can, give. Cancer sucks and the US medical system is very expensive, and we've done all we can to lower the bills as much as we can.

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund


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