Pol, masturbation, infinite jest 

Who decided they should call it the “United States Mexico Canada Agreement” and not the “Organization of North American Nations”

Or, why the Senate is nowhere near being a representational democracy. Mitch McConnell and the Senate GOP represents an incredibly small minority of the population, yet have outsized influence on judge appointments, Constitutional procedure, etc. etc.

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States with lower populations than Los Angeles County

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Really depressing pol thought 

This morning after the Johnson won Connor asked me “what countries will fight the fascists this time?”

And I just had the doubly terrible thought: what if there’s no war?

How transphobia is being used by Russia for US political interference 

This is the current modus operandi of Russian-backed political interference in western democracies. It's not just the hateful propaganda spread during election-years, or troll comments on mainstream news stories.

Sometimes it takes this form, supporting the narrative that black Americans and white transgenders are at odds. Splitting the left political spectrum against itself. Maintaining the appearance of liberal discord.

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How transphobia is being used by Russia for US political interference 

And who is this Twitter jokester? Oh, look it turns out they are a bot account. Not even a real person. Currently this account has a different profile photo and is being used to promote and spam ebay links and the like.

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How transphobia is being used by Russia for US political interference 

Who is circulating this image? It is being seeded to various places in various forms. One of the variants even attributes the clapback to the official Donald Trump twitter account.

The trump version has been linked from alt-right hangouts, but that is to be expected.

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How transphobia is being used by Russia for US political interference 

Seen this transphobic joke that people are sharing? Weird that it is dated February 2019 huh. And that it is being circulated as a screenshot instead of a link to the birdsite.

Did this tweet exchange even ever happen?

Bless the zoomer boys who are unafraid to cry

Last night I looked into vrchat and got an invite instantly from a friend to a private movie theater world where they had just started “your name”

I pulled a chair into my vr space and sat and watched the whole thing with them, trying to put my feet up on the imaginary chair in front of me over and over.

After it ended I had to leave because I’d filled my headset with tears and had a crying headache. We all sat for two hours crying into our headsets.

Happy 25th Birthday to Sega Saturn! 💿

Released this day in 1994 in Japan.

affirmation not a brag 

My community both here and in my geographical area is gender diverse and you’re all beautiful. You’re valid. I’m proud to be friends with gentle cis-het asexual men that paint their nails, gay bears that laugh like Santa Claus, butch lesbians that brew a killer coffee, and trans men teaching me how to lift.

I’d much rather know the you that you want to be, than the you that strangers expect to see.

Reminder that if you’re into decorating yourself and surroundings with the aesthetics and decaying artifacts of peak 20th century, that you are a New Goth.

New Goth is Taco-Bell-pastel colored dead mall food court furniture, retro computing, Googie neon and brutalist retail architecture.

Public service announcement repost 

Fuck thinking about what your fucking parents want from you. They had their own life to make decisions with.

Someday in not too long they’ll be dead and you’ll still have to live your life.

Photographing an oil painting is difficult.

Art pickup

Hard to show but the painting wraps the sides of the canvas. Oil on collage

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