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I wish more people knew how affected our emotions and emotional responses are by ADHD.
Everyone will experience their ADHD differently, so feel free to cross out what applies to you!

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“You have African American rappers saying N word this and N word that but a Caucasian can’t?”

“So say it”

P for PRESSURE 😭😭😭😭😭

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AGGRESSIVE REMINDER!!! We are in an active traumatic situation. The way your body is responding is normal! You are not broken, you are not wrong. You are just tryna make it and figure this shit out. You got it! Give yourself some grace! xx

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.@BlackTransMedia@twitter.com updated the schedule! Join us this weekend while we hold online space for the Black trans community!

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Imagine the weight you would feel, the terrible, life-rending grief and reverence, if you had to be the one to stand up in front of your entire country and tell them all that at best, over 200,000 of them would die. Unavoidable.

Imagine instead you boasted about your tv ratings

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alanis morissette: i want you to know that i'm happy for you

ex boyfriend: aww :)

alanis morissette: i wish nothing but the best for you both

ex boyfriend: thank you, it’s good that you’re taking it so wel-

alanis morissette: *deep breath*

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Every once in a while, I'm reminded that @Alanis@twitter.com makes music that makes me feel so seen. Thank you so much for giving me a balm in these troubled times. I love you, which is a weird thing to say to a stranger, in public, on Twitter, but there it is

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@Jimllpaintit@twitter.com “We are amused” says Her Majesty the Queen

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Can you please paint The Artist Formerly Known As Prince having a fight with Prince Harry over who is least known as Prince now. In the background we can see the The Queen, and Queen (the band) also fighting over a similar thing.

- Lee Wheeler

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Just realized that I've been working at the day job for 11 days straight now. Good overtime, but this weekend could not come fast enough

This feels like tacit admission that the restrictions are bullshit and I'm equal parts relieved and angry about this all over again.

Bigotry wins until people get desperate; only when they need something are they willing to entertain the idea you can contribute.

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BREAKING: The FDA updated blood donation rules for LGBTQ+ men, citing "urgent" need for blood during the pandemic. Men can donate after 3 months of no sexual activity with another man, down from 12 months.

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Hi. I designed some coronavirus travel posters for you. Stay the F* home. Love you all.

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Now feels like a good time to give a semi-regular reminder that I have a personal diary over on Dreamwidth -- you know, "it's not LiveJournal!"

I'm writing a coronavirus shelter-in-place journal there, and it's honestly helping to process my feelings.


My goodness, that is a *handsome* jackalope. <3

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Poolside Stretches. Commission for Tmack on Furaffinity, nude version tomorrow.
Check out the larger version on Patreon: patreon.com/posts/35532421

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Celebrating this month with the greatest poem ever written in English, as per request

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