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Instead of “sorry for the delay,” write “thank you for your patience.” In lieu of “apologies for the oversight,” write “if you’re so perfect why don’t you fucken do it.”

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Colored emoji hearts are the 21st Century hanky code

Jesus kid, you didn't have to come this hard

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I asked the 12yo if he was interested in becoming a writer and he said, "Sure, I can make no money and get quoted out of context on twitter."

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It’s so weird going back to read Percy Jackson and realizing that the chapter titles all have the EXACT same cadence as modern YouTube clickbait titles

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Applying legal standards to our social interactions benefits only abusers, and harms victims.

We get to decide who to support and reject based on our own judgement and moral compass.

Full stop.

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I really REALLY REALLY want to play one of these in a D&D game

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The Wild Beyond the Witchlight is first adventure set in the Feywild & introduces the new playable race: Harengon. @MichaelGalvis@twitter.com has everything you need to know about playing a Harengon!

🐰 Learn More Here: dndbeyond.link/fbharengons

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RT if you’re suffering from burnout. I’m trying to prove a point.

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Being "offended" about something doesn't mean you're weak in some way. It means that you value something enough that you want to protect its dignity. It means you have values. I don't see how not being offended by anything is a "strength". It means nothing's important to you.

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Kenny Loggins can't go anywhere without his best friend, Kenny Passwords.

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Here is how the Nicki Minaj story was covered on CNC3 Television in Port of Spain, Trinidad. I assure you this is worth all 2:20 and it's probably better than any U.S. network covered the story

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This dude is an EXCELLENT WRITER! If you're into any of these things, you should definitely give this a try!

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Do you like choose your own adventure stories?

Do you like size change, hypnosis, transformation, and things like that?

Consider checking out Changing Perspectives Again!

It's a cyoa created by me that already has over 60,000 words of content!


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But whyyyyyy is everyone calling me such a meen racist I CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT

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@Clan_Volkn_Qrik@twitter.com 18 years ago, 2 didn't have any political... Oh.

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It's legitimately astonishing how MUCH wealth has been concentrated at the top and how much compensation has stagnated, if not rolled back, during that time.

But ANY pushback on the rich and corporations is doomed to failure, right?

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Now, pay is capped at $23/hr maximum, folks don't get 1.5x pay on Sundays, there's little to no benefits, and going into management (away from union protection) is the only way to become a full-time employee.

The company made $4.6 billion in revenue LAST YEAR.

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One employee went from 40 hrs, 5 days a week to 24 hrs, 6 days a week. No overtime pay, no Sunday pay, which was 1.5x.

Anyone who didn't sign or complained were viewed as 'refusing hours', which gave the company cover to further slash hours.

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Had a chat with folks who had been working at my neighborhood grocery store 20+ years.

When they started (in 2000) pay was capped at $18/hr, which was good money back then.

Then the store cut pay for most unionized employees by $5/hr, slashed benefits, cut hours to part-time.

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I spent 17 hours creating a primer on Native American political issues and culture. I would like to share it as a resource for my non-Native followers: docs.google.com/document/d/1_2

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'Growing Strong' 🌹 Since the Tyrell sigil is a rose (and I didn't feel like drawing scary anthropomorphic flower people) I decided to make them rabbits !🐇

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