I'm trying to purchase a course on JIRA from Atlassian University and for some reason it's just straight-up cock-blocking me, I have knowledge blue-balls so bad please help

If you're sad about Lance Reddick, his widow asked for people to donate to MOMcares, a Baltimore-based charity that provides prenatal and postpartum care to under-supported Black women who've been through the NICU wringer. It helps unborn babies, it helps Black maternal mortality rates, it should appeal to pretty much everyone. Go! www.momcares.org

If you've ever wondered why your black friends seem angry or exhausted about explaining their position to you, watch this:


Tonight, at long last, I get to be a KOBOLD again! If you had asked me five years ago if that would make me so giddy, I would have said "Probably not."

But man, being a little chaos gremlin with some of my closest friends is SO. MUCH. FUN. I cannot wait. :D

Note to self: the caffeine headache kicks in at around 10:30. Have coffee before then!

The Unlicensed Adventurers' first encounter with a dragon turned out to be really intense, but they've emerged bloodied and triumphant!

But an adventurer's work is never done; there's still a lot of explaining to do...

6 PM tonight!


Bracing for the fallout from the release of the bodycam video.

Folks, we owe it to ourselves to preserve our peace. We also have a chance to protect the peace of others. We should be talking about this and mindful of what people can bear. <3

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Good morning.

At around 6 CST, the video of the brutality that they put through will release.

You don't have to watch.

You don't have to RT.

Keep his family in your hearts, thoughts, and prayers.

It is unconscionable that we NEED to see a snuff film for empathy.

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Hey y'all, I hate to ask, but our landlord is screwing us over and any assistance is greatly appreciated. No judgement if you can't or don't want to donate, but please share!


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The Fursecution has started! RESIST! RESIST! RESIST!

Indiana lawmaker targets furries in schools. Schools say there's no problem usatoday.com/story/news/politi

Man it really sucks when you have dreams that trigger your RSD super-hard. I’m just gonna hide in my feelings for a while thank you

Man, the desire to actually be a gnome/halfling is so strong today, I wonder what gives

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