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uspol-adj ++, computers, a little schadenfreude 

"Why are you loyal to NearlyFreeSpeech.NET?" because their response to a sudden burst of signups this month begins with this and gets better from there:

"So, a bunch of people suddenly discovered they care deeply about free speech immediately after a handful of racists faced even mild consequences for plotting a literal insurrection.

That does not reflect well on those people."

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ok it's dragon appreciation day but when's *kobold* appreciation day?

not that we need an excuse to appreciate all the lovely kobolds in our life :3

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i wish all
ο½„ο½’ο½ο½‡ο½Žο½“ 🐰
a very pleasant

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this is the face of a man who has just gotten a professional like 40-50 year old chess commentator to say "he started with king e2, aka the bongcloud, what would you have done against that"

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to explain this: the bongcloud is a joke opening where you move your king forward within the first 3 moves of the game. this is basically never, ever a good idea, it's called the bongcloud as a joke

however, some of the best chess players in existence like to play stuff like this just to kinda. flex on their opponents and make the game harder for themselves because they're just that fucking good

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uspol, snark, amazing infographic 

Parler's poor API design, lack of scrubbing EXIF data, and swift action by archivists prior to its removal from AWS have led to something amazing:

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For anyone who missed it, the Celeste all C-Sides with a dancepad VoD is up now and it was one of my favorite GDQ event this year

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re: uspol, screencap, twitter, text description of violence 

Note that much of this raw aggregation is certain to be bots, but the fact it has real engagement at all, and enough to top trending, is alarming.

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uspol, screencap, twitter, text description of violence 

Just going to screencap this for posterity, since it tidily explains why deplatforming is so essential, and why you don't let fascists use your platform.

(For those looking to corroborate this screenshot, since Twitter retains no visible history of trending topics, this is what is trending near Seattle, WA as of 10:30PM local time today.)

uspol-adjacent, tech-adjacent 

I typically sinkhole tech recruitment emails from these orgs, but I'm considering drafting a boilerplate for them that reads: your organization tacitly supports fascism, do not ever contact me again, thanks.

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uspol-adjacent, tech-adjacent 

That it took a literal coup attempt and handover of Congress to Democrats before specific tech companies pretended to grow a spine is not something I will quickly forget.

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uspol adjacent news (twitter & buzzfeed links) 

First: Twitter has permanently suspended Trump's primary account "due to the risk of further incitement of violence."

Second: Apple gave Parler (AKA: Meinspace, Fashbook) an ultimatum: Implement a full moderation plan within 24 hours or get banned from the Apple app store.

Yeah, this could've happened sooner, but like... Let's just take the win on these, folks.

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This piece by @/Hexacult_Beast on :birdsite: is so wonderful...

"Tiny dragons need kobolds too"

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Omg, this piece by @/Tyrs1braincell on :birdsite:

"Do synths dream of electric sheep"

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RT :

I've had an idea for a variant tf ring in my head for a while, and wanted to draw up a design sheet for it like I did for the original rings. Got a lot wordier than I expected (thanks, twitch chat), but I'm happy with the result!
#art #transfur #tfeveryday #tftuesday

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Heads up.

Tapestries (probably through its forum) was breached for emails *and passwords.* If you use you Tapestries password anywhere else, change it everywhere, *NOW*.

Source: the recent "Cit0day" leak, a leak from a black-market repository of stolen emails and passwords. See for a primer. The Tapestries domain is in the table of contents.

Boost for visibility please.

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FFF commission for Teddypimm!

in space no one can hear you sip

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psa, Logitech gaming software 

Just a heads up for folks on Windows that Logitech Gaming Software (necessary for some older USB peripherals, sometimes bundled in prebuilt PCs) corrupts memory in kernelspace and can lead to frequent, difficult to diagnose crashes.

I was up to about one BSOD every 6-12 hours, and finally figured out how to reproduce the crash in driver verifier and WinDbg. Best part is the crash was in their device enumerator instead of any of the useful parts of their software.

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