with minor psa about older internet fora 

@melissasage This is also how things used to work in the age of fora before social media. Especially for newer generations of folks that didn’t get to experience it, it’s worth a reminder that the bizarrely toxic, enforced-by-bots, nihilistic social media context is the anomaly, not the norm.

Local admins can just ban the shitlords. No appeals process. No zillions of extra accounts if their instances are configured properly. It’s that simple.

with minor psa about older internet fora 

@melissasage I mean, we still had interpersonal strife, but not monetizing eyeballs solves so, so much.

with minor psa about older internet fora 

@Goldkin @melissasage we had our drama unmonetized, uphill both ways in the snow, because somebody pissed off somebody else for an exceptionally petty reason and then it became a whole big thing usually with at least one faked death, AND BY GOD WE LIKED IT THAT WAY

with minor psa about older internet fora 

@wigglytuffitout @Goldkin @melissasage oh, i'm not the only one who remembers USEnet then


with minor psa about older internet fora 

@thamesynne @wigglytuffitout @melissasage Saaaaame, and I got a chuckle out of this.

The drama is legendary. But it was a hell of a lot easier to swallow without regular injections of bot-campaign-pushed, bad faith nihilism that I do not miss from corporate media. And I’m grateful to instance admins for not letting that fly here.

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