Hey, just a reminder or the evening crowd: I'm moving to @kistaro@dragon.style. See you there!

I’m moving my primary account to @kistaro@dragon.style - please re-follow me there if you want to keep following me.

(A bunch of people I follow here are moving to instances not federated with awoo.space)

is Arby's just an incredibly Americanized gyro?

The thing I miss most from the Internet is how your handle used to be whatever you thought was cool when you were 14

mh, - 

I wish I was at a place in spiritual practice where I felt like I could pray to something for help because I feel in over my head in every aspect of my life

Poison Ivy is an Ecologist who just wants to protect the biosphere from her corporate overlords.

Joker is an Egoist trying to show the world that its entire system is a spook.

Mr. Freeze just wants his fucking wife back...

But the good guy is the wealth hoarder who attacks poor people in the street, because their situation has pushed them into "crime"

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Anybody know of Discord bots for what amounts to storing/loading MUCK-style character descriptions? Full whospe support would be a plus

Today has been productive. I don't feel like that most weekends, so it's a nice change. I feel like I played a disappointing amount of video games today, but that's okay, there's an extra weekend day to go still. (although that one is going to involve a lot of writing. there should still be time for games though)

I have a tiny notebook full of notes on how I use tiny notebooks as a project/chaos management system! It’s notes, not a real presentation - I will be working on a web site to present this soon. So a legible version, better organized, with full explanations, will be available soon.

But for the curious: drive.google.com/open?id=15Bcw (30MB PDF). It is self-describing, since it’s a notebook for a project to write a web site about how I write notebooks about projects!

Two days of furious scribbling have left me with a tiny notebook full of preliminary notes on how I use tiny notebooks for thinking into at work and otherwise storing ideas. Next up: follow my own directions and scan the notebook, then write the website. A PDF of the notebook itself will be available soon (before the web site is)

turntablism is like a Cirque du Soleil-grade juggling act, juggling music

People often wonder why printers are so cantankerous but frankly any device that embeds pigmented runes in the remains of long-dead trees is going to be stricken by an ancient faerie curse from the start

Bought a few canned air dusters, cleaning out the crashy gaming computer, it’s like a snowstorm of dust bunnies out on the patio back here. I should dust my other one too...

I think after poking around at Wix, Weebly, Sway, and Squarespace, I’m going to just use Google Sites. I just want an article in the format of a responsive website, I’m not an actual web site designer and I don’t want to be.

I have too much content to write to feel like it fits in Dreamwidth- it needs at least basic navigation and better handling of images than I can do myself with Dreamwidth’s tools.

This weekend, I’m going to create a *something* on my thorough-but-not-difficult system for taking and sort-of-organizing notes (work projects, daily to-do items, thought debris) via dozens of tiny notebooks. I’d like feedback on what format the something should be in:

* formatted text with images (Dreamwidth.org)
* modern scrolling article (Microsoft Sway)
* slideshow (Google Slides)
* unconventional slideshow (please recommend a tool)
* scans of handwritten notes from a tiny notebook

possibly-lethal levels of cuteness 

This story is giving me SO MUCH AWWW. Toronto rolled out new "raccoon-resistant" compost bins that the raccoons very quickly figured out how to open; the reporter for this story set up a camera on her own new bin and recorded them getting better and better at opening them.



mh ~ 

I have a strong expectation that it is unreasonable for me to expect tolerance for the same behavior that I tolerate in others and observe to be tolerated by others in others.

substance use, ~ 

I’m at work drinking coffee to counteract the hangover from last night’s cannabis use, which was in part to get over the frazzled-ness that came in part from excess coffee use. NOTHING CAN POSSIBLY GO WRONG WITH THIS PLAN

In practice, coffee reliably induces productivity for me and I haven’t found effective alternatives - adequate quantities of caffeinated tea upset my stomach - so maybe this is the best balance I can manage. It’s productive, I’m just noting the symptom circle.

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