Itadaki Street 2 devlog 

Itadaki Street 2 devlog 

Itadaki Street 2 devlog 

okay, after FINALLY getting this code to work, after several hours' worth of debugging, and finding out that the original game's code makes an assumption that doesn't hold anymore with how my code works...

I can finally, finally insert new venture card text.

random glitch graphics 

Why yes, I've been having lots of fun with this project, why do you ask? >.>;;;

"Hmm, why is the vowel extender mark so short in this dialog box? Is there some bug with my text drawing code...?"
"wait a second... that's... not a chōonpu... that's a hyphen..."

lewd on main, dumb 

flashing glitches 

It's so weird having code I write mostly from scratch work first try. ^w^

Okay, fixed that. (It was a string I had explicitly skipped before, because I didn't know where it was being used.)

Still lots of work to do before I can move on to something else...

Awesome, rewriting everything that touched SearchDialogDefinitionForA fixed the corruption bug that was crashing games when AI characters said anything! ^w^

... aaaand I immediately found another corruption bug in a dialog window I didn't touch yet. >.<;;;

I don't even know how Konomi's face got corrupted...

Here's a neat tidbit we found last night:

Each course in Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat (Arcade) has artist credits somewhere on it! Most of these are signed by "SH" (Steve High, credited for Software & Graphics), but a few have other initials on them, including one course which has a completely different style and signature.

I've put up an imgur gallery with all 14 courses and which are signed by which artist here!

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