@devurandom Wow, congrats! ^w^

That Bishop drop by the AI was a really terrible move o.o; it's kind of surprising the AI would do that!

Retro World Series hosted a Tetris Attack tournament at LVL UP Expo in Vegas again this year, and I was defending champ...

It was a hard-fought battle, but I won the tournament a second year in a row, after a rematch of last year's finals against Fuum (@xeshirefm0@twitter.com) ^w^

Itadaki Street 2 devlog 

... well, that was a silly mistake. ^.^; It turns out "load value" has a slightly different meaning than "load from address", but the instructions differ by only one character...

In any case, text drawing works again. ^w^

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Itadaki Street 2 devlog 

Still not quite working...

The corrupted tiles look different every time, so I guess that's a clue? But why would it be reading from RAM somewhere...?

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Itadaki Street 2 devlog 

Still working, very slowly, on rewriting everything so it works in this new format.

I feel like I'm back where I started 3 years ago...

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Streaming notification 

I think I'll try streaming A Link to the Past Multiworld Randomizer tonight, with @KS! Here's a link where you can watch us both: multitwitch.tv/raspberryfloof/

Working through horrible, terrible anxiety and depression is difficult... but I'll try and post about the Itadaki Street 2 translation again soon.

I'm sorry that I've essentially been MIA here and on Twitter for quite some time now ... Social media is far too exhausting anymore. x.x

You can tell I'm not feeling okay if I ever start reading my twitter homepage...

Just finished reading a book today, and a line at the end, in a message from the authors, made me break down crying ...

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