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To anyone wanting to add me on discord, because this has happened a few times now:

Please, let me know who you are first! I ignore any friend requests when I don't know who the person sending it is or just haven't interacted with them at all.

Remember when you had to change lightbulbs?

May you all have a good rest this evening.

Goodnight, everyone. May you dream of wonders.

re: Food 

Honestly, I'm not so sure chocolate-covered tomatoes would necessarily be all that bad. The little tiny cherry tomatoes, of course.

I don't think they'd be all that great, but they might be an interesting treat to try sometime.

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Chocolate covered fruits are common enough, but you never see chocolate covered tomatoes. I spent all of the last couple days thinking your new icon is some kind of one-eyed gremlin with a unibrow, then I realized just now that the "unibrow" is your nose and the "eye" is a nosering.

Why, I wonder, did one of the best tracks from the Chrono Trigger soundtrack go unused?

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Goodnight, all. May you dream of wonders.

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Random gryphtaur, just because. She isn't anyone in particular, but it's a fun body shape to think my way around. Eight limbs in four matched pairs, no pair the same as any other. And they can fly, if awkwardly.

Interestingly enough, this is all despite the fact that the new laptop consumes more power than the old one. I guess cooling technology has improved... or maybe there's just less dust in the fans on this one.

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Our new laptop runs *much* cooler than the old one. And much quieter too. It's impressive how much technology has advanced for low-power applications.

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No one in particular - just felt like drawing someone with this body shape, and it ended up as this fox wearing a scattering of assorted accessories. I'm still an unabashed fan of stuff like this, and I wish I could find more art and more artists who were attuned this way. There are a few I know of, but more would always be welcome.

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assistance request, paypal link 

So, er, hate to be doing this again so soon but we need help. We realized we're gonna be short on rent for this month, only our second month in the apartment and we can't afford to lose this place we've got nowhere to go. please help a couple of queer trans ladies out, pretty please

re: Plurality 

Not that there's anything wrong with systems who do share memories completely. We thought we were one until yesterday! But it's something that I find validating, I think.

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Sometimes we think that we share memories very closely.

But then just yesterday, a watercolor that Felthry had bought as a gift for me arrived, and I had no idea it was even coming--despite knowing that it was checking the mail expecting something.

Something to remember if we ever do start to doubt ourselves.

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Six-armed Glaceon girl, just because I felt like it. I sometimes think I should get out of my own head more and draw more fanart, but of course if/when I do, I'm going to put my own spin on it. (Also, her name is Crystal.)

Just went downstairs to break up a fight between two stray cats. They woke us up with all their noise, but neither of them seemed actually injured so I can only assume they were just yowling at each other.

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