Starting this. I don't know anything about Halo. I'm not going to play the game. This is all from BDG.

Grouchy, no one here, teacher shortage discourse US 

A thing that annoys me is seeing academics talk about a teacher shortage and apply it to academia

The teacher shortage discourse is specifically around k12 public schools, and we shouldn't co-opt it to talk about academic issues

K12 public schools are being attacked in a very specific way and solidarity with public school educators especially those in states where they're under attack is essential

It's time to go get a drink of water. Stay hydrated!

Implied kink, book spoilers 

Still pissed that I started reading "We are not born submissive" in the idle thought it was about kink. It wasn't. I have other disagreements with the book but that sure tainted my views on it

I have completely blanked this morning. just total blank slate at the moment

LB: forget your sun sign which Windows account picture did you have

so uh, where do people recommend getting binders these days?

boost okay

Seeing a gay pride shawl and want to freestyle one of my own but for trans or pan or something

"queer huh? this place is pretty quirky. you know what could really use? an artisanal toast cafe." has been updated and registration is now closed! I'll be back later tonight.

Welcome new users! Please go read our code of conduct. I don't have a lot of time on my hands so I may overstep what I would normally do for account suspensions and management.

We're a small community here with a large focus on creating a safe space- discussion is allowed, but tag your stuff if it's potentially harmful!

I'm not a furry or scalie but I think they are cute and awesome.
Am I good?

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