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Please contact @admin if you'd like my attention for admin stuff since I don't check this account as much, thanks!

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Hello new awoo people! There have been a lot of you lately.

Please take a moment to read our about/more page! We try to keep it chill and are pretty open about what is OK to post as long as it's behind a cw for reasonable stuff.

If you're not aware we're not like other instances - we have a whitelist approach to federating to limit the ways abuse can come at us. Welcome to!


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negative emotions & weakness (+) 

it is okay to be weak
it is okay to vent about your problems
it is okay to cry
it is okay to admit you don't have the strength
you should be given space to feel these things
you are allowed here to be weak, to have support from the community, and to be shielded from those who would take advantage of your weakness

this is something i have not done a good job of affirming ever since I posted it maybe once a long time ago

it's okay to be weak

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Quick and dirty regex filter guide 

1. On the pane you want to filter, click the icon pictures in the image
2. Enter any combination of words you do not want to see, separated by the pipe character. Thats this character here: |

This does not require the full word to match.

Unfortunately, this does not cover content warnings, so if you're talking about a sensitive topic please make sure to include your cw text into your post in some fashion.

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Call Crom/James/vahn, whichever you feel most comfortable with!

I love kobolds and monsters in general, as well as roleplaying, especially of the tabletop variety.

I'm very gay, and while I'm effectively cisgender I do have lots of queer gender feelings about my presentation. I'm a soft boy.

I am strongly passionate about helping folks navigate harm and work through abuse and have put a lot of my personal preferences of space management into

I like hugs! Hello!

Please contact @admin if you'd like my attention for admin stuff since I don't check this account as much, thanks!

hey a friend is moving to texas in two months and i just got hit with a TON of unplanned expenses due to their car. they currently have $85 in their bank account and don't get paid for two weeks. if there is any way that anyone could help, i would undyingly appreciate it.

would love boosts too

ok anyway, just so it's clear, @kobold is my quieter account

don't plan on using this account for a long while. dunno if i'll be back. thanks for understanding

mh (-), financial emergency, housing needed, pdx, please boost? 

Anything helps.
A boost helps a bunch.
Please, if nothing else, spread word of my plight and need.

I am out of time, I still have back rent owed, and i kinda just want to stop existing.

help me survive?

things are bad rn

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*looks at uwusoft's patreon update" oh no you poor kobold please go see a chiropractor


I see you are trying to RUN, COWARD

i am so heckin happy that my use of gently has caught on

its the best

I saw a cute dog, I think a westie, with her hair up in a pony tail in the elevator today

Her owner let her unleashed and she wanted to get off on every stop but she was a good dog and listened to him tell her not to get off

She was also very friendly towards another dog who got aggressively defensive at seeing her so she is a very good dog indeed =3=


background: there's a substance called camat that my clan gets from monstrous creatures that we imbibe and consider "the essence of life itself"

it's a religious thing for us and we collect the camat of our fallen within a legendary artifact staff that turns into a tree that we collect the camat into where they live on with their ancestors

but bc their souls are gone the camat went into the tree lifelessly and my kobold shared his sorrow with all his ancestors in the tree x_x

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cw children death

so my DM sent us in the warpath of a soul eating devil and pointed out people from my clan were targeted by him

but he pointed out the devil went after weak commoners, of which my clan there are very few - basically only the children

so uh, the devil ended up eating the souls of a bunch of children T_T

Hey Siri, why are kobolds so popular among trans folks

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