lewd, dom, current events 

it’s confinement time, bitch

you’re quarantined under my ass until further notice

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🔞 Furry porn, Male/Male, rimming, multiple genitals. Comission, oselotti art 

Me and @Deltvar got a fancy comission by oselotti: twitter.com/OselottiCat

I'm really, really happy with it, I hope you like it too ~

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NSFW furry art 

It me twitter.com/_Sickee/status/108

As i move into girl mode im pondering things to make me more aardwolfy and less generic and maybe delicate peets is something i need,,, hmm

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I'm not really sure if I'm neurotypical or not honestly... But I feel functional enough not to want to be diagnosed for anything because it would be more of an administrative burden than anything else

Sorry about the two previous posts that weren't meant to be public (this one is)

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meta, dunking, tone policing 

I spent a lot of my life being bullied and harassed, so I understand that you can't always "take the high road". Sometimes you snap. Sometimes you have to hit back. People who endure hate and discrimination in their daily lives deserve a bit of leeway. But that's not something to be celebrated or encouraged. Pile-ons might seem fine when the target is someone with privilege and power, but normalizing that behavior tends to hurt vulnerable people in the end.

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trans women are women, trans men are men, nonbinary ppl are whatever they want to be, and if you think differently find a different website

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Parent death, not mine, Ginny McQueen 


What the fuck?? I'm unfollowing her holy shit

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Moody talk, relationship 

I love my boyfriend more than anything and I'm glad to form a couple with him. But I miss the times when we were a triad. It's been a year and a half I think I still miss our ex. I think my boyfriend doesn't miss him and that he doesn't miss us either and I feel terrible

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Moody talk 

I always hope that when I stop being friends with someone they end up missing me and reflecting on what brought me to wanting to stop being friends but so far this never happened

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She sent me a postcard, I was really happy when I recieved it, I asked her if I could send her one too, she didn't reply and we barely ever interacted again after that

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I think I'm going to unfollow eliza because she was a good friend at first when I arrived on the fediverse but I've had enough of her constant hypocrisy and her edgy asshole attitude

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Says "if you don't contribute about pleroma you're not allowed to criticized its features", then proceeds to complain about activity pub's features without contributing to it the very next toot

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Nobody cares about what I like, what I do or how I feel

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People are not happy. It's not their fault. But they shut me down when I am because if it. It's not their fault I'm not mad at anyone. But shit I can't take that for much longer. It's so fucking hard to have everybody around me bring sad and angry.

I'm feel better I needed to get some shit out on my chest

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