So I took home this little guy from our special ed program so I could sew him up...


And honestly? The idea of weighted plushies (designed to help out kiddos with sensory issues) is such a good idea. I really want to make some of my own.

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So basically: If the idea works and I'm good at making them, I'm going to open a little shop and sell weighted plushies.

And I can make a reasonable guess that a good number of my followers would like something cute, smol, and plush that's also weighted. So if you're one of those people, please let me know if you have any interest.

I'll have a prototype out soon. :)

@bogpunk Thank you! I personally really love plushies & I'm newly discovering the calming effect of weighted things, and I just figured it would make a really wonderful combination. Plus I've made plushies in the past, so I imagine this is a Thing I Can Do. Hopefully other folks will find them as helpful as I do. :3

@Sparrow Yeah for sure! :3 I've just started buying plushies again as an adult and would love a nice weighted cuddly friend :3

@bogpunk That's great! (I don't think I ever stopped buying them, hehe n_n;). I will keep you in mind then. :D

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