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Hi I'm Sparrow. 26/California/Queer/Enboi

My content breakdown:

10% Trans/queer/gender
5% Mh musings
10% Work (behavior therapist)
5% Disability activism
10% Animals
10% Monsters/horror genre/a r t
50% NAPS

Roommate/Chore question 

What do you do when your roommate wants to help out with chores, and eventually gets around to them, but after about 3 weeks?

In contrast, I do my portion of chores about every 3 days (or once a week if it's something time-consuming).

I often end up doing her share of the work because I'm just not comfortable in a house that stays dirty for 3 weeks at a time.

FYI she has pretty bad executive dysfunction and deadlines stress her out.

I'm starting second grade today, everyone! Wish me luck! :P

And I can make a reasonable guess that a good number of my followers would like something cute, smol, and plush that's also weighted. So if you're one of those people, please let me know if you have any interest.

I'll have a prototype out soon. :)

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So basically: If the idea works and I'm good at making them, I'm going to open a little shop and sell weighted plushies.

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And honestly? The idea of weighted plushies (designed to help out kiddos with sensory issues) is such a good idea. I really want to make some of my own.

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So I took home this little guy from our special ed program so I could sew him up...

Hey! It's been a while. How's everyone been?

Our DnD campaign now includes dudes that are very likely eggs, although they haven't met each other yet. That's going to be interesting when it happens though!

Tfw you can only relax once you've got on your sound-cancelling headphones.

$ + 

So the way being a classified staff hire in the school district works is that we get paid for 10/12 months of the school year. Which means we have to find extra work for 2 months of the year, which is HARD because people don't want to hire you on short term.

Anyway, this year it changes from 10/12 to 11/12, which is really good. Basically I only need to panic for the month of August.

And good news! I have $600/$800 of my rent saved up for August already. So I think I'll be okay.

Be GAy Do CriMeS 

Okay, this was a fun way to see who of my friends were still actively using mastodon (or on today, anyway). Hi friends!

Also, hi new folks!

Keep being gay (and doing crimes) :D

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I saw Othello tonight & it made me cry. But also everything makes me cry. Happy Tuesday.

The second gender is a make one that shifts in expression from clean-shaven athletic to emo to flower crown prince, depending on the day.

The last ID could be considered "fem" (not "femme" tho since that's a lesbian ID), but still make, and layered on top of my non-binary gender absolutely not "femme".

So it's just so weird that someone I hardly know would call me "extremely femme".

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The way I look at it, I've got 2 gender identities that sit on top of each other.

The main ID is a soft, gentle, "purple" androgynous non-binary. It's always there, very genderqueer, but gets read as feminine because I'm afab and haven't medically transitioned.

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So someone described me as "extremely femme" the other day, and I'm trying to work out a) why they would say that and b) why it doesn't sit right with me

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