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A #WorldAidsDay remembrance for the first gay man I met.

It makes me sad that #SarsCoV2 shares so many similarities with #HIV. I know only these 2 viruses that infect and kill our human CD4 T cells. I expect that troubling times are brewing again in the long term, and a whole new crop of people will need their #ActUp equivalent.

Good morning, world!

Time to make some SPAM-n-toast!

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When macrofurs meet each other and start chatting...

Say, all folk who are following me as I make my way over here to Mastodon: you'll want to follow comedian @SteveHofstetter ! He's an amazing comic and always --always-- worth following!

Say, folks: what's the difference between "Local Timeline" and "Federated Timeline"?

Wait, I have had an account here for 2 years?!!


Well, I have memory problems, I know, but I never thought they were *this* bad...!

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