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A note for anyone seeing this profile from my Twitter: I won't allow followers if I can't be sure who you are. I talk sometimes about personal things on here, and would rather keep that to people I trust.

As great as Mastodon's privacy settings are, they're still not up to scratch compared to Livejournal.

Alien worlds in fiction often unavoidably have human morals (or simply the opposite of human morals), human civilisation structures... and we can't be sure that's how aliens would really work.

That said, trying to think up a truly alien culture and civilisation is basically impossible, huh.

... honestly I'm not sure how I would feel about Earth having the first life in the universe. That would be cool and would also suck at the same time.

Woof Woof Story 

Woof Woof Story is an isekai where the protagonist reincarnates as a giant wolf.

It's kind of silly, the fan translation I found is a clunky mess, and it has unnecessary ecchii...

and also this cute scene that makes me wish I could go out and howl myself

Spend points for a shiny inconsequential digital image that is ultimately temporary? Well isn't that just an epitome of the gaming industry.

death, identity, politics-ish (~?) 

I know I want godhood and all but I don't really want it to be that say, I contribute something great to the evolution of self-expression and get called a "god" in the historical narrative sense.

I want to be around for the wonderful posthuman world.

birdsite link, Cyberpunk 2077, side thoughts on identity and cyberpunk 

This tweet is about the Portuguese translation in 2077 translating a character's name as "correct" rather than "right".

But I'm looking at the characters there and, unless there's more context to disappoint me, it seems to be someone that's got their mind put across two bodies. Alternately, it's two people who became one person through their minds mixing together, while retaining two bodies.

And even if that's like, the one example of more extreme non-standard expression of the self in that game, I at least am surprised to see it in the game at all. Because I'd written it off as being populated entirely by human-type Cyborgs With Weapons.


Briefly wondering what sort of legal control Capcom has over me.

I'm like, living intellectual property.

nzpol, uspol mention 

There was a post on birdsite about the (lack of) rights of US prisoners, because the state will find reason to stop those that are politically inconvenient.

Unfortunately, NZ is no different.

In NZ, prisoners can't vote either. What's worse, is this law was introduced in only 2010, by the National (right wing) government.

Paul Quinn, the member who sponsored this legislation, bases his justification for the legislation loosely on social contract theory. This is the idea that prisoners have breached the contract with the state and therefore, some of their rights can be validly restricted.

They also tried to revert New Zealand to FPTP, because they felt MMP was... not good, for whatever reason. Probably because it allowed for fair and broad representation in the house?

National is fash-lite and will do whatever it takes to restrain inconveniences.

Thankfully the existing government wants to undo the prisoner rights' restrictions, like a lot of National's garbage.

Which of course is why Simon Bridges was so adamant about how gangs - predominantly pacific islanders and maori and born out of the cycle of inequality - were dangerous and we needed harsher laws, until he got booted out. The guy he's been replaced with is a piece of shit too, of course, but given he's got famous for having a MAGA cap, I doubt he'll be popular.

... not disastrously unpopular, unfortunately, because NZers have the memories of goldfish around politicians, but still.

re: BNA, personal thoughts, +politics 

At the same time though, there's so much going on in the world that needs solving. Inequality and corruption are not things that should be treated as cute struggles that make people grow. They're painful and unfair and they're born from those that want to cause hurt. But those are things that must be solved together.

Evil is simple. In fantasy, Evil you can beat up and it makes Good shine through. In the real world, the unfairness and corruption and bigotry is made of lots of tiny cogs, and it requires all of us together to outnumber those cogs. It takes all of us crying out enough is enough until those in power can take no more, cannot use their power, or are replaced with those that do better.

And that's a lot harder than one person magically making everything okay.

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Vague Brand New Animal spoilers (ep 6), personal/identity thoughts 

Thinking about these lines a bit regarding my feelings around "godhood".

How much of my desire to fix things and make a better world is self-righteousness? How much of it is just me wanting to personally feel better? What's the difference between feeling happier because others are happier, and wanting to feel happier by making the bad things in the world go away?

And what about "hard work"? What about the growth and understanding that comes through mistakes and turmoil? Removing those with the stroke of a brush would be supposing mistakes and struggles shouldn't exist, it would simply cause stagnation.

Dream of light, stars, and space. 

Interesting dream last night.

I was talking with someone, who was talking about the suns/stars throughout the universe. I'm not sure who or what, because most of this dream was just visuals of space. I remember comparisons and close-ups of stars, though that part is vague.

A small ball of light with a long tail streak was flying through/orbiting the solar system. It was shimmering softly through all the colours down the tail. At the start of the visuals I was watching a lot of things from above, including seeing that light, and then I was that light flying through space myself.

I just had the terrible realisation that, the world we live in now, in 40-60 years, will be considered "the old days".

We all have a specific image of what "the old days" feel like. But our modern era will be someone's old days. Our media that we see as present and developed, will become retro. Our culture for all its advances, will become dated.

I don't know what the future will be like when millennials are old, but the thought our world will be looked at as we do boomer/silent's, is scary.

Idle thoughts re: that Twitch discourse 

The thing these furry hating gamers seem to miss, is that for as animal as some of us furries want to be, we know to behave human when the situation calls for it.

But of course in the end this is just queerphobia dressed up in its 2004 rags, because of people existing with "non-standard" lifestyles.

Who needs sleep when I can be coding things and making nonsense mistakes resulting in bizarre errors?

oh god why is my sleep cycle so fucked

Anyway, I spent several hours cutting out cruft from my CTB code in WTU, and starting work on the turn order display. At one point I mistakenly named a method the same as the variable it modifies.

RMXP/ruby didn't complain about this, it just... made the turn order very very wrong.

tech/IoT vent 

You know there's a problem when capitalism's solution to overworked people is to sell them internet controlled devices to ease the lack of free time they have, instead of giving them back their free time.

You know there's a problem when they target parents and create SMART CRIBS to rock your baby over the internet.

You'd think the developers of all these Internet of Things things'd have never heard of LAN. How hard is it to just make them constrained to your LAN? It's hard, apparently.

I'm not mad, just disappointed.

Baffled code Ammy is relevant again. This time with messing around trying to make fonts look good.


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