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A note for anyone seeing this profile from my Twitter: I won't allow followers if I can't be sure who you are. I talk sometimes about personal things on here, and would rather keep that to people I trust.

As great as Mastodon's privacy settings are, they're still not up to scratch compared to Livejournal.

macro, VR selfies 

I went chilling in some apocalyptic VR worlds as a big dragon. Here are some photos.

Today in adventures in computers: 

  • I tried making the update to 21H1 easier on myself by using an ISO, because I expected the update to be huge. Said installer tried checking for updates, which seemed weird when it ought to just install what it has.
  • I tried doing the update the normal way and in the end it was only 5MB.
  • Firefox has been having trouble with youtu[.]be links lately, giving EOF errors. Even fresh profiles weren't changing things. Finally found a post that said to toggle the DNS/proxy settings, and it worked.
  • For whatever reason, Twitter videos don't pop up their volume control on my Surface, but they work fine on my desktop. This is regardless of Firefox profile, addons, or anything, so this is beyond me.
  • I learned that Windows 11 is absolutely not worth going anywhere near:

In the very least, I found this addon that should help clear off tracking junk - not just for Twitter, but perhaps elsewhere too.

It doesn't delete the new nonsense, but it at least gets rid of s=XX, which should mean the tweets under posts are actually the replies.

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Twitter's URLs have got worse about garbage data on the end, and no one sharing cute art on Discord bothers to delete it from links, hlarglblarghl.

Does everyone use default apps, live on their phones, and use the share buttons now? I thought furries were knowledgeable about this stuff. I'd expect it more from normie humans.

Terrible game idea: game where mechanics are named things like "Build", "Exploit", "Speedrun", and "Proc".

If the final Smash DLC is actually Amaterasu (though it seems somewhat unlikely) I'm almost certainly going to go all Amaterasu again.

I just wanna be a dragon today. Maybe I'll do VR later...

I guess I can now say I have a "hatchday", huh? Since this might be the first birthday since going dragon.


Supposing I hatched and I'm not like, Eternally Present. ... though wait, that would defy the notion of having a birthday, huh.

I'm looking at GPUs online to help a friend with something, and now I'm imagining synthetic creatures upgrading their own GPU to improve their eyesight.

why am I not a goddamn dragon, huh

Living in a pre-transhumanism pre-post-scarcity planet-locked era is exhausting.

identity feelings brainfart 

I've randomly remembered that as a teen, back when I had a human OC persona, I really wanted a dragon form. I've got a big folder of art where I must've designed like 20 dragon forms trying to get a feel for it.

And now I'm just a dragon, so it's like, I dunno. Maybe it was suggesting something back then.

It's my birthday in a bit over a week and I don't even really have anything I want as like, the main thing. I usually get video games when they come out nowadays, and there's nothing I want coming out within this timeframe to cover that.

I guess there's Lost Judgement? But I need to finish Yakuza 7 first, because supposedly it spoils it.

Then again who cares about video games, can someone end capitalism and bring about an era of furry transhumanism for me? That would be nice.

twitter and the algorithm's treatment of artists 

I don't really care to use Twitter to advertise myself, reach clients or new people, or anything like that. I use Twitter only out of obligation to remain in contact and keep up with friends' lives. I'd much rather be hearing about things in chatrooms or LJ.

But I'm seeing this one really lovely artist - Flash White - with thousands of followers, who seems to struggle to get any attention on, possibly because the algorithm is de-prioritising their posts. This is a problem for them when they need commission clients to pay for medical bills.

If I was pessimistic, I'd wonder if their account is being decimated by the algorithm because they're seemingly in Russia.

But the fact their art doesn't see anywhere near the attention their follower count ought to suggest, feels like a major example of how algorithmic timelines screw artists over, who don't work off of banal metrics like "engagement".

Turn off "home", use "latest tweets", don't play Twitter's game.

... I would never normally touch Edge but it is useful for checking if something is broken because of cookie settings/etc or not.

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Okay after some testing, I'm pretty sure something is wrong on Awoo's side in terms of logging in. I'm not sure why my login was booted on my desktop, but I can't log back in on Firefox or Edge, and I tried Edge on another machine and got the same problem.

(cc: @noiob ?)

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Even my laptop still has a working login, but my desktop still can't log in, instead giving a "this page is not correct" error. The hell??

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Okay I can get onto Awoo using my phone (browser) login, which seems to still exist, but my desktop appears to have dropped the ball and login doesn't work, what gives.

idle thoughts on discourse, queer culture, social media, etc 

Idly thinking about how discourse around Literally Anything is because we're all on the mixing pots of social media.

Take for example queer purity: there could be a community of raunchy queer people, a community of soft uwu queer people, and both should be able to exist. Additionally, neither have the responsibility to be safe spaces for young people to teach them whatever they need, either. There could be a third space specifically for teenagers and kids for that.

Imagine if we were still in small individualised spaces where there was an understanding of the accepted aesthetic of each of those spaces?

Anyway I guess I'm pondering a little about my transhumanist story with robot bodies that have a pooltoy design, that explores body autonomy, disability, and identity, and that story could be weird and raunchy in its own squeaky way and it deserves to be respected by the audience I write it for, and anyone that doesn't vibe with it doesn't have the right to demand it be something else~.

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