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A note for anyone seeing this profile from my Twitter: I won't allow followers if I can't be sure who you are. I talk sometimes about personal things on here, and would rather keep that to people I trust.

As great as Mastodon's privacy settings are, they're still not up to scratch compared to Livejournal.

The only problem with trying a new name (pronouns, too) is that English doesn't necessarily lend itself to those things being used in one-on-one conversation.

griping about social media 

I hate how I feel like I'm pleading for attention on stuff nowadays. A picture I spent weeks on has got little response, meanwhile a random comment I made in reply to someone with 100x more followers has got like 5x the reaction.

god twitter fucking sucks for art can we please use normal websites again

"the Dragon" in the same way you'd address a storybook character.

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I'm Aether the Dragon.
Maybe if I say it enough, I'll start to feel it.

Anyway now that I've watched that I really should get to watching Wolfwalkers.

matrix 4 thoughts, minor spoilers 

I watched Matrix 4 last night and it was incredible how on the nose it got at times, it was hilarious. The rest was good too, of course.

That said, wasn't there that one theory/essay video about the third movie that, re: Neo using his powers in the real world, suggested the next movie would include recursive matrices? Because they kind of did that in the end, only inward instead of outward.

My new year's resolution is to be more dragon.

For an inflatable dragon toy I sure don't deal with heat and humidity good, blaaaargh.

The more I sketch random ideas for this current hyperfixation, the more I realise I'll need to give everything refined art, colours, and in-game assets too.

I think this is why video games are developed by teams.

I really might have to actually consider hiring a sprite artist.

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I don't think I really properly posted about it - here is a collection of sketches I've done recently for a possible Persona fan-game.

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