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A note for anyone seeing this profile from my Twitter: I won't allow followers if I can't be sure who you are. I talk sometimes about personal things on here, and would rather keep that to people I trust.

As great as Mastodon's privacy settings are, they're still not up to scratch compared to Livejournal.


Hmm, Tusky is feeling viable as a mobile client. Still some quirks compared to my usual twitter client but...

Oh and since I'm sure someone's going to ask:
"What? Brand New Animal is out?"

Look for AnimacitySubs on that one anime torrent site~.

Brand New Animal spoilers (ep. 4) 

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Unless some sort of societal change/discovery happens post/mid-90s, any fictional setting with "real furries" should as a result treat the furry fandom differently.

You could probably get away with it being the same if the animal people live in a secret society, but still.

This is the same sort of problem as other scifi where everything is the same in terms of the cultural effects of fiction, except the one series the story is set in (e.g Doctor Who) doesn't exist.

Sometimes players will reset and reload to get the most out of a playthrough or mechanic.

Is it better that this process be easier for this purpose, or better that it be inconvenient (ie. load times, splash screens) to discourage it?

Alternately the choice is to give the player more control over mechanics instead of relying to RNG, but sometimes less exactness feels more natural and interesting, so it's harder to avoid.

I really don't want to have to replace my Surface. I just bought a new desktop. That's enough money burning for a while.

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Lately my Surface has been mysteriously shutting off way before the battery is low/critical. - ie. about 20-25%, when the concern level is 10-15% - And by shut off I mean it just stops dead, and booting up again starts from scratch.

It also has a habit of screen burn around the edges for a few minutes if I've been using a bright/white program like SAI.

And now that I've started it up after the most recent pop, the screen is flickering while on power.

How I use a software is not an indication of how I want to use a software.
It’s what I’m doing with the options the software has given.

> Firefox supported apng since 2008...
> Chrome/chromium began support in 2017

That can't be right, that's absurd. Chrome has a massive market share, and they took that long to add apng support...?

birdsite screenshot, on different terminology between demographics 

dystopic shitpost 

meme, toilet humour 

So Twitter today changed my timeline back to Home over Latest Tweets and helpfully gave me two separate sets of Discourse being talked about because of pushing the likes into my timeline.

At some point I am going to snap and just delete all of my accounts.

*more* thoughts on UI design, re Firefox 

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