I miss what Geocities represented: the ideal Internet where normal people just made bad web pages to talk about what they were interested in.

@kistaro While I appreciate the accessibility Tumblr allowed with various themes (if one cannot code) and being able to make your own (easier than LJ's), the actual "community" was atrocious and is a major player into why social networking is horrible now...

@Taylor Quote-reblog as the only means of reply unavoidably nurtures passive-aggressive behavior and amplification of arguments. When the only way to communicate is screenshot dunking, it’s not a good place


@kistaro Never mind the fact it removes control over your own posts, etc., compared to a more sensible comment-based feedback system.

And then they all moved to Twitter. nyeh.

I do miss people just having websites and blogs... let your personality flourish on your own space~...

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