a satire on fatphobia and sexism 

Here's a comic about what clothing designers must think women say. I don't believe this is how anybody really feels about trying to buy clothes.

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re: a satire on fatphobia and sexism 

@frameacloud Oh my god, I never thought about exactly *why* women's clothes lack pockets, but the industry thinking they add "bulk" sounds about right.
... though I've heard it's to sell handbags, too.

re: a satire on fatphobia and sexism 


Yeah, handbags are connected with not having pockets in clothes. I'm not sure which came first, historically. (I wish handbags and pockets weren't a gender thing, because pockets are the easiest for freeing up your hands, and handbags have one advantage over pockets: their contents won't accidentally end up in the wash!)

Clothes sold as "women's wear" are made of thinner fabric with more close-fitting cuts than the equivalent garments for men in order to look more slim, too, which also happens to create an unconscious influence on people's body language.

Masculine body language is said to be more expansive, and feminine body language supposedly takes up less space, but that's also a difference in how people act depending on whether their clothes make them feel too warm or cold. When you're warm you spread out, and when you're cold, you bunch yourself up.

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