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since there's a bunch of new folks flooding in: hi! I guess it's re- time

★ Vera Lycaon, an only -sometimes- terrifying lycanthrope with a taste for obscure music
★ what the fuck is gender anyway
★ Primarily visual artist, writes music and stories every once in a blue moon, wrote a massive science fiction guide two years ago.
★ Very pansexual, very trans, vaguely mixed and European
★ uhhhhhhhhhh
★ honestly, expect a lot of patent nonsense on this feed

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anime fans: that character is so moe!!
the character:

eurobeat is just fast italo disco with updated equipment, you can't change my mind

you know, when you think about it stiletto boots are basically the result of someone going "shit, what if we made shoes in the shape of a country"

ah yes, I love falling asleep for three hours when I still have a whole bunch of shit to do

I'm forming the AAAAAA

Ace, Aro, And Agender Against Allies, for those of us who've had it with being excluded from acronyms despite being queer

the worst part is that this edit is only marginally more ludicrous than the original

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Since early 2000s anime are coming back I am making forum signatures mandatory on the fediverse
teh penguin of doom xD --> 🐧


nothing quite like being greeted by the moon the moment you finish working on dinner and being hit by the fiercest phantom shift you've had in a hot minute

sleep deprived nederlandposting 

waarom noemen ze het oven wanneer je of in het koude eten of uit heet eet het eten


i did a lot of work tonight so i drew myself a big queerwolf as a little a treat.

i wanted to give her a big monstery frame

Retoot if you're a mythical Otherkin anti-fascist

misspelling ostrogoths as astrogoths and accidentally creating a new aesthetic

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