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since there's a bunch of new folks flooding in: hi! I guess it's re- time

★ Vera Lycaon, an only -sometimes- terrifying lycanthrope with a taste for obscure music
★ what the fuck is gender anyway
★ Primarily visual artist, writes music and stories every once in a blue moon, wrote a massive science fiction guide two years ago.
★ Very pansexual, very trans, vaguely mixed and European
★ uhhhhhhhhhh
★ honestly, expect a lot of patent nonsense on this feed

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song parody, werewolves, gore 


wait if you're a werewolf do you go to a vet or a doctor, or does it depend on what time of the month it is

asking for a friend

MASTODON LAW 42853-A: if you somehow contract lycanthropy it is your duty to pass it on to your mutuals who want it (and not those who don't want it, obvs)

blood (I'm fine), wondering aloud how family members of mine have managed to make it into their fifties, really not sure what to tag this with otherwise 

yo *three percent* of the world population went on strike today. a quarter of a billion people! shoutouts to india

I have absolutely no idea what this zig thing is that everyone's talking about all of a sudden

all I know is I'm supposed to move all of them for great justice

SFW art (commission), eye contact 

SFW art (commission), eye contact 

GDQ, nederlandposting says fling TERFs into the sun

dreams relating to identity stuff with a touch of body horror (+), long 

“You can’t hate yourself into a version of yourself you can love.”

half-naked but SFW sketch of a werewolf, implied alcohol use 

CST folks be like we we we we (weeeeeeee) aaaaare in FEEEEEAAAAAAARRRR

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