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since there's a bunch of new folks flooding in: hi! I guess it's re- time

★ Vera Lycaon, an only -sometimes- terrifying lycanthrope with a taste for obscure music
★ what the fuck is gender anyway
★ Primarily visual artist, writes music and stories every once in a blue moon, wrote a massive science fiction guide two years ago.
★ Very pansexual, very trans, vaguely mixed and European
★ uhhhhhhhhhh
★ honestly, expect a lot of patent nonsense on this feed

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this has been one hell of a birthday, thank all of y'all I didn't get the chance to personally thank for happy birthday wishes and everything aaaa <3

The only other thing I'm going to say about Cyberpunk 2077 is that I believe purchasing it misses the point and in the spirit of the genre it is our duty to pirate it if we plan on playing it

vaguely instance meta 

tempted to just set up shop over on @Thaminga instead to be real honest

like the whitelist overall has been a treat but y'all I want to be able to talk to my friends even when they move off the approved list of instances and in fairly short order if at all possible.

let me do that.

meta time? meta time. 

okay so don't get me wrong, people fleeing snouts is only the right thing to do at this point especially now that everyone involved with making the place into what it was has rightfully said 'we want nothing to do with this anymore', but at the same time

this whole mess didn't start there - why the fuck are we letting monads, etc continue on totally unscathed? like it was some blatant fucking clout chasing going on there and they too should get to deal with the PR nightmare

An updated list of furry instances 

A lot of furry folks are looking for new instances, and here are just a few furry friendly ones:****

*The user(s) in charge have specifically requested either reaching out or having a friend vouch in order to join, and may not always be accepting new members

for everyone impacted by the current genderGP problems. transfems can get hormones from where people who diy do it. a list of stores can be found in transmascs can get it from goodstuffstore (also linked there).

(more info in replies)

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