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since there's a bunch of new folks flooding in: hi! I guess it's re- time

★ Vera Lycaon, an only -sometimes- terrifying lycanthrope with a taste for obscure music
★ what the fuck is gender anyway
★ Primarily visual artist, writes music and stories every once in a blue moon, wrote a massive science fiction guide two years ago.
★ Very pansexual, very trans, vaguely mixed and European
★ uhhhhhhhhhh
★ honestly, expect a lot of patent nonsense on this feed

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Okay guys you need to take this to PM.


[Quote='TehPenguinSenpai']Well since 24 is half of 42, that means it's half the secret of the universe[/quote]

so @myrrlyn posted this on twitter but I feel like it belongs here


This poor werewolf. Giv waf pets pls, she needs them :'c

Adorable skriwolf art by


moving (+++) 

idea: con organized by furry fediverse users called snouts.offline


werewolves, worldbuilding, in character post, long 

happy wolfenoot! remember to be extra kind to (were)wolves and sufficiently similar critters in your area today 💙

fun fact: I'll awoo as much as I want
slap me with that $350 fine and I'll eat your hand
try it again and I'll just eat you 💙


Happy Wolfenoot!

Be sure to pet all canines in your general proximity today. :blobfoxhappy:

Twitter: The worst people in the world try very hard to post the best content.

Mastodon: The best people in the world try very hard to post the worst content.

plea to register to vote in the UK elections 

mild disease 

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