I wanna snuggle with people

Why does everybody have to be so far away :blobfrown:


can you hold both and still be effective with either?




this is two days in a row that I've forgotten to pick up my hrt


as a former editor whose job it was to frequently insert "intentionally left blank pages" into documents, this is my true nightmare :3

re: nsfw truepost 


that's a good-feeling thought

re: nsfw truepost 


oh, alrighty then


re: nsfw truepost 



guess that leaves me out




I like how it fits in with your theme/interests

I think the burrito and the potato should be friends

re: nsfw shitpost 



imagine being the onion

sitting by the window, listening to the thunder approach, eating cereal, wearing a small tank top and panties

feels good


we saw in some of your pics recently

think there was a handprint...

ah, spring


very useful for ID and CC when you don't feel like carrying a whole purse or backpack

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