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I love new followers
New friends

But I won't abide empty profiles/empty followers

The first thing I do when you follow me or when I see an interesting person is I look over your last 50 posts or so and maybe some images to make sure you're a safe person and have interesting things to say.

I do this because I not only want to connect with real people but I also want to keep my followers safe, people who open themselves to me and my mind.

Chasers and empty people belong elsewhere. Thank you!

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Been a while...

Hi, I'm Melanie
trans poly lesbian with an open mind
lover of cats and raccoons
probably full of story ideas or macaroni and cheese

I'm in Austin, Texas

I welcome questions and interesting people

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I wanna snuggle with people

Why does everybody have to be so far away :blobfrown:


this is two days in a row that I've forgotten to pick up my hrt

I think the burrito and the potato should be friends

sitting by the window, listening to the thunder approach, eating cereal, wearing a small tank top and panties

feels good

It's Baturday??

Austin is a great place for bat friends


I've realized how problematic yelling "fuck me with a yardstick" can be in public. I am sorry. From now on, I'll be yelling "fuck me with a meterstick"

windows open, rain falling, thunder rolling, while I sit here in my underwear waiting for the storm to pass but really really enjoying the storm

selfie, no ec, boost + 

more ears today. featuring my work vest and sterile gloves i use when i stock jewelry freight

someone in a rainbow bondage outfit just got on the train, announced 'hello everyone, my name is tandoori dick, you can follow me on facebook and instagram' and then left

I love it when the lightning strikes near and the sky sounds like it's cracking open

It's just shy of noon and it's so dark out that the streetlights just came on, thanks to storms in the area.

Sadly, they're not dropping rain on my house

lewd pools 

Some of my best fantasies and a few amazing intimate encounters have taken place in a pool or hot tub.

Being wet feels so free


you snuggle up to me on the sofa, just enjoying being close, loving the way our legs brush together, maybe watching some movie... and then you lift my left arm, slowly stroking my skin, just making me feel relaxed and happy.

And then you lift my forearm to your mouth and bite really hard, teeth just over my radius and pressing into the big muscle there.

This is how I melt and slide down the couch cushion into a puddle of orgasmic goo


If I didn't want you, if I didn't need you, my handprint wouldn't be on your ass

nsfw text 💌 

I just want somebody to make me squirm. make me beg to be touched. I want rough kisses everywhere. I want to be pinned down to where I cant even struggle against you. I want you to tell me to wear your favorite lingerie. I want you to pick me up and fuck me however you please. I want you to use me and then tell me I'm your princess and to hold me close, like you're scared to ever let go. I wanna feel wanted. I want to feel needed.

I want my thunderstorms now

thunderstorms turn me on

[not the destructive kind]

Let's be honest I'm just doing this because I want an excuse to talk about my favorite part of the tabletop hobby. 💜

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