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a soft head on my lap, dozing, with soft hair to pet, while I read or watch a movie

I love dancers

my mom taught ballet when I was a kid and I loved watching the graceful girls and I wanted to be like them

oh, and their parties were hecking amazing

lewd and unpopular opinion 

Thongs are comfy as heck
g-strings too
or seamless panties

I'd rather go without underwear than wear some full-coverage panties

I have eaten and showered so it is officially Lewd Time

semi lewd 

I love just sitting around in my panties and a tank top. It's feels so free and soft.

And I'll be home alone so I can do it all weekend!

I love new followers
New friends

But I won't abide empty profiles/empty followers

The first thing I do when you follow me or when I see an interesting person is I look over your last 50 posts or so and maybe some images to make sure you're a safe person and have interesting things to say.

I do this because I not only want to connect with real people but I also want to keep my followers safe, people who open themselves to me and my mind.

Chasers and empty people belong elsewhere. Thank you!

double entendre/phrasing 

Overheard in my vehicle tonight:

"I've played with the thing so much it's become loose."

re:re:art wip, loudly transbian demon girl 

All colors are fake and I don't understand them

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I googled myself and my profile shows up on and I don't know why


“Pure Morning” by Placebo but change most ‘friend’ to ‘femme’ 

A Femme in need's a friend indeed,
A Femme with weed is better,
A Femme with breast and all the rest,
A Femme who's dressed in leather,

Have you ever volunteered?

Have you ever done things for people or groups for no other reason than to help people who genuinely need it?

It need not be every day or even every month, but helping people out who are in need is the start to improving things that suck, and even small efforts make a real difference to real people

just took a little dig into my kitchen cabinet and found the purple sprinkles and now I want to bake things with sprinkles

Been a while...

Hi, I'm Melanie
trans poly lesbian with an open mind
lover of cats and raccoons
probably full of story ideas or macaroni and cheese

I'm in Austin, Texas

I welcome questions and interesting people

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