Is it just me or have half the images on been broken for a few days

The CW'd version gets a blurred thumbnail on my profile but only appears as the CW line on my home feed.

I was hoping it'd do the former everywhere, I'm considering posting my furry kink art on Mastodon and I prefer the blurred preview for that, it's more eyecatching and obvious at a glance that the hidden thing is art and not just a passing post

I could just mark the image as sensitive, but then I'd have to make sure the text of the post isn't sensitive in and of itself...

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Testing what happens if I do the inverse 

Oh, it looks like it just doesn't let me uncheck the sensitive box if there's a CW. Makes sense I guess

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Testing what happens if I mark media sensitive but don't CW it

Pokémon Scarlet/Violet fanart 

Flittle has quickly nabbed a spot as one of my favourite new Pokémon and I don't fully understand why

One-hour warmup of my friend Mhals's character, Claudia! I have barely drawn since Art Fight lolll

Aaaaand the final Art Fight I did, Crayon-Chewer's fursona, Nekki!! CC is a big inspiration to me, the way I do my coloured weighted lines is mostly inspired by her hahah

Two more Art Fights I snuck in the end, Atsumimag's Noname ("no-na-mé") and my friend Skylar's Sirfetch'd OC, Ser Lauchzelot.

plz admire my gay Neopets, Brick (the Cybnuuy) and Mitzi (the Zafara). Brick runs a bakery as a money laundering front, and Mitzi is a regular, partly b/c the food is actually good but mostly b/c she has a crush on Brick.

It's Art Fight time!! These are @woob's Arte and @NovaSquirrel's Clover, respectively. If anyone else is on Art Fight, I'm Trinket there —

Coloured sketches of two friends' Pokésonas, Isy and Sugar (eltoraz and dosmeow on Twitter).

It's @Renkindle's funky little moon dude, Raleu! This was an Art Fight revenge attack in response to this Vinnie it drew.

Two cats hangin' out at the arcade. This was an Art Fight piece from last year, of my friend PicoSheep's character Disco Fever (left) hangin' out with my character Vinnie (right).

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