@Hearth I voted small-numbers but the more important part to me is that player characters and enemies should have stats on the same scale, whereas in like FF or Tales Of you'll get endgame player HP in the 4 digits and bosses with 6-7

@Hearth I was! I remember getting a few items that way but none of them were worthwhile lol

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@Hearth It's supposed to look like this but Apple messed it up, as they do, and everyone else eventually just followed along

Is it just me or have half the images on awoo.space been broken for a few days

I have a bunch of art I haven't posted here b/c I'm still debating whether to make a separate art account but I use Mastodon little enough that it's probably just worth keeping one main account and one CCC account

@Hearth I have 4k monitors and everything being smooth is very nice, text especially, with 1080p I can see the antialiasing

Hewwo I'm going to try and throw myself at Hollow Knight's big boss rush if anyone's interested in that -- twitch.tv/cattrinket

@Hearth Digging up someone's "docs", as in documents. Not sure about the -xx- specifically, I always just assumed it was an arbitrary 4chanism or something

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Project manager: "What's technical debt? Explain it to me like I'm 6 years old"


(source: "Richard Scarry's Storybook Dictionary" : archive.org/details/1scarryRic )

What's the plural of Game Boy Advance SP

@Hearth I yearn to be more of a hardware people but I have no idea where to start

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The storyline is starting to take shape! Very good progress on today's stream. #gamedev

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