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Otherkin Ramble, Long, My beliefs 

Going to start being more open about this, since there's at least a couple of people who are curious. ^^

I'm otherkin, or dragonkin... draconic, whatever you want to use there. I normally just use dragonkin 'cause describes it in an easy enough way (with some bird complication... more on that later). For me, that means I believe that I myself am a dragon, or rather was at one point, and still am as far as my soul/spirit is concerned. I have a lot of spiritual beliefs and a few practices that I have for personal exploration which I can elaborate on in time! :D

Now obviously I am in a human body, as we get to the "Was" part. I believe in reincarnation and that I had a past life where I was as I am depicted in either art or as I've done for myself. I am Veladynee, a sea dragon, or as some friends have coined me over time a "overgrown/glorified dolphin." ^^;

My "awakening" (that still the term used?) was about.... 2002ish? when I began to kind of piece together memories and the like I had since I can remember. I had more ready access to the internet beforehand but never thought to look it up until I was just getting driven nuts by the sense of being out of place, wrong body, memories, and so on. A few searches and I tumbled across Draconic (dot) com and eventually its IRC chat and the rest became history there. (I'll write a full history of myself if people are interested!)

I took almost a decade break from a lot of the online communities... actually hell maybe it was a solid decade, simply due to how I was so busy with life and in turn the toxification/fragmentation of the old internet groups... and only really starting to nose myself back into communities proper as of the last few years.

So that's it in a nutshell! Stay tuned (or don't!) for more breakdowns of each individual segment and some spiritual rambles!

Content Warning (shit post) 

This post contains content.

MH, Work Related, Drugs, ~ 

Realizing the best way to deal with my current work stress is at the end of the day.. just a few puffs or a potent edible and a shot or two of whiskey. Rinse repeat daily for best results.

uspol, Arizona, weed 

Fuck yeah, Prop 207 passed. Some direct good news! Recreational weed is now legal in AZ!

Please don’t pay attention to what serial liars are trying to tell you.

Right now:
- Biden is leading
- Votes still being counted are largely mail-in, and largely for Biden

squeak, commission 

This is me now... perhaps...

I love my mate. I love you all. I love the happiness and joy I see each and everyone give to each other here, the support, the kindness. You all are the light that keeps the dark of the world at Bay.

You are all awesome and deserve my love. Everyone. 💙​

Holy **** its actually cold outside in Arizona and I have the screen door on the patio open. AND windows?!

This is madness!

nsfw explicit hyper weenie, fluids, dragon lady with extra extra large package 

for drakoflame2 on fa

Otherkin Oddness 

Apparently brain has decided today is M-Shift day so that is making things weird. Hello all of my limbs and trying to suppress my draconic mannerisms at work.

mh, - 

One of these days I hope I will feel confident about myself or any work that I do. And that I won't keep doubting myself or thinking I'm not good enough at x because y, even though feedback tells me otherwise.

yall. i commissioned @fluxom_art again and she fucking knocked it out of the park

its kai doing some self maintenance :dragnhearteyes:

Or I'll spend 15 minutes struggling to get my full body stuff to fit right because it isn't made for tiny people so I have to do some weird adjustments.

Showering then getting on VR Chat in about 15 mins. Feel free to add me as VeladyneeZ

Posting a public thing for people to feel free to join and alleviate some of the trapped inside feelings.


Potentially exposed to Covid. Time to isolate. Grrrh....

You know it's an interesting start to the work day when it begins with discussing fursonas and showing off art of said fursonas

Just wanna spend time with friends on VR and in general. So worn out from my 14 hour work days leaving me no personal time.

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