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Otherkin Ramble, Long, My beliefs 

Going to start being more open about this, since there's at least a couple of people who are curious. ^^

I'm otherkin, or dragonkin... draconic, whatever you want to use there. I normally just use dragonkin 'cause describes it in an easy enough way (with some bird complication... more on that later). For me, that means I believe that I myself am a dragon, or rather was at one point, and still am as far as my soul/spirit is concerned. I have a lot of spiritual beliefs and a few practices that I have for personal exploration which I can elaborate on in time! :D

Now obviously I am in a human body, as we get to the "Was" part. I believe in reincarnation and that I had a past life where I was as I am depicted in either art or as I've done for myself. I am Veladynee, a sea dragon, or as some friends have coined me over time a "overgrown/glorified dolphin." ^^;

My "awakening" (that still the term used?) was about.... 2002ish? when I began to kind of piece together memories and the like I had since I can remember. I had more ready access to the internet beforehand but never thought to look it up until I was just getting driven nuts by the sense of being out of place, wrong body, memories, and so on. A few searches and I tumbled across Draconic (dot) com and eventually its IRC chat and the rest became history there. (I'll write a full history of myself if people are interested!)

I took almost a decade break from a lot of the online communities... actually hell maybe it was a solid decade, simply due to how I was so busy with life and in turn the toxification/fragmentation of the old internet groups... and only really starting to nose myself back into communities proper as of the last few years.

So that's it in a nutshell! Stay tuned (or don't!) for more breakdowns of each individual segment and some spiritual rambles!

Body Design Ideas, rambling~ 

Was discussing stuff with a friend relating to bodies and stylings for a custom shell if such became possible in this life.

Settled on a quite interesting design I might explore in art at some point.

Draconoid form, long almost taur-like, slender. 6 'legs' that also work as forelimbs with fully manipulatable paws. Sensors both, technologic and biomechanical all within the body instead of eyes. Tentacles for manipulators that are along, and others can be morphed/spawned into existence as required. An 'approximation' of eyes that essentially when staring into them... the pupils are behaving as a lava lamp would, surrounded by a deep orange pulsating glow. The rest of the form I imagine as ink black, impossibly so~

Might toy with this idea more. A mix of unsettling and completely alien, and a emphasis on abandoning known forms and focusing on the most exotic possible.

Synth Design Ponders! 

Brainstorming on ways to get a full ref drawn of my synth side. I've got pictures already and a general theme, but debating such glorious things like the belly having a small fish tank among other stuff.


MH, Meds?, -~ 

My mind tonight has been drifting to ... Very dark places. I am unsure the cause but with really messed up dreams coupled with loneliness and isolation... It isn't fun.

I did get my med dose upped recently and one of the side effects is severe depression and creeping... Thoughts that I won't mention by name so it might behoove me to talk to my psychiatrist about it.

advice/resources request re: trans stuff (voice) 

Hey, anyone know any good online voice-training resources? (Specifically for feminizing one's voice)

uspol, weed 

I will not be spending the week of the election, nor the months after sober. It is the only way I think I can actually manage.

Seems like a massive dispersal of winghugs is in order for today. Winghugs deployed. Take as many as needed. <3

Sorry for being so quiet lately, just work schedule has gotten crazier over the last few months so I've just been more exhausted. Still about and still a dergfish. Rawr. ^^

A wonderful piece done by a local artist Nix! (

Engagement 'photo' of myself and my now fiance @Goldkin ^^


I think one of the most disturbing trends of disinfo and it's effect I've been seeing more and more isn't the people who believe the lies. It's the tragedy of those who lose trust in any sources, even reality or the truth.

VR, +, also asking if anyone noses VR 

VR has been great for me as a way to envelop myself in creativity. With Neos offering in world scripting and easy import and mod tools for 3D models it lets me play with the full production chain of my own creations.

Plus having a place I can meet and socialize with people and more importantly not be in a human body, is downright amazing.

If anyone else noses VR for anything, be it games or VR Chat or Neos or what have you, please reach out. Would love to nose more snouts, or snout adjacent critters. ^^

Species Dysphoria, Otherkin, - 

Gotta love breaking down into tears and whimpering because brain sometimes just can't process missing correct limbs and body shape.

Drove up into Snoqualmie Pass last night. Pleasant night mountain air. ^^

fully shaded commission for @Veladynee being a silly seadragon! they were really quite fun to draw :dragnhappy:

I have almost arrived in Seattle! Sleep then another 8 hours of driving!


I keep debating if its been long enough for the constant cravings to have dispersed before picking up weed recreationally again. Been irritatingly sober for nearly 4 months now, and don't /crave/ it but at the same time I miss the calm peace of mind and the energy it gave me to be creative with art.

Covid, test, bleeeeehh 

Yay for nervously waiting for my COVID-19 test results. x.-.x

uspol, important 


this is fucked up

trump signed an executive order that brands anyone who assists protestors in any way (ie donations, bail funds, medical help, giving food/shelter) as terrorists

keep in mind that this is all being disguised as a "monument protection order"

Socialist Teeth, Eye contact drawing, teeth exposed 

These teeth chomp fascists.

Drawn by Nix!

So my friend taqdagger407@twitter made this after we memed a bit

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