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Otherkin Ramble, Long, My beliefs 

Pokemon ⚔️🛡, rental team share, mild spoilers 

Nightly winghugs for a restful and happy evening to all. ^^

Sleep, mental health, drug mention, +++ 

It's me! Commission, sensitive for cigarette, ++++ 

MH, + msg 

More mental stuff. + 

mh, + 

Winghugs for all. ^^ Daily winghugs are part of this balanced diet.

Winghugs winghugs winghugs!

Beaming positivity and happiness to all, please take as much as you need ^^

Winghugs for all.

The daily winghugs slowed down a bit from stress on my end, but here are as many as you need to make up for it. <3

Daily winghugs for all! Though they might be night winghugs now

Winghugs of the night ^^

Work musings, + 

And now majority of home cleaning done. @.-.@

Holiday winghugs!

Hope you are all having a great one.^^

For those having a rough one, have extra support and love. You've got this! *Winghugs.*

Fresh winghugs for the holidays! Free as always ^^

Extra for those who will be going through a rough time for the holidays as for many it isn't easy. You get lots of support and love! 💙

Pokemon GO? Playing Again 

Fighting with a bit of code tonight. Finally got the damned thing to work! It liiiives! *Cackles madly.*

Winter Driving PSA!!! Tips inc. 

Today's winghugs are brought to you by the letter W - for Wings! ❤️

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