So staying home for 2020, but still do remember new family visits last year in 2019 visiting my wife's family (because like only time off I was able to get) and I just remember Ohio being SO FLAT and they had ALL THESE TRI-WINGS ON WHITE POLES STICKING OUT OF THE GROUND!!!

My wife is from the same state as Home Improvement is (Michigan) and it was the furthest west I have ever been! She showed me around where she grew up and such, was interesting. There were these weird crop circles in the road that people drove cars through, "traffic circles"?

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Driving through Ohio took like 7 days and it was nothing but corn, wheat, and these tri-wings on white poles. After going through that, we visited
and we hung out and had lunch! It was short but hoping we can do that next year if things permit themselves.

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I got to meet my wife's family (which is now part of my family), they were really nice! Also was able to have conversations on nothing but Star Trek with some of her family, so that was very nice! I also slept in my wife's bed in her old room and I never imagined I would do that.

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In NJ I lived in hilly areas up to about 150ft elevation wise but with mountains in the distance, but afterwards lived in places with around 1000ft elevation. Very much to hills and mountain compared to the flat plains of Ohio, it just feels so surreal.

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I do plan on showing my wife New Jersey sometime though! Maybe show her the radioactive pool of waste, a very long bridge, the shore, and jug-handles!

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