@XerTheSquirrel That's the vibe I get from the place, yeah. :3

@gc Yeah, information overload and it is just memes, images, and CSS. I am preferring text based content.

@XerTheSquirrel Same; I have nothing against Tumblr as a platform, but I just could never get into it personally. It ain't for me. :3

@gc Yeah I am finding that Cohost is not for me, just like Tumblr is not for me.

@XerTheSquirrel Same. I liked the interface and such at first, but I quickly ended up like... What do I even do with this? This isn't my sort of space. >.>

@gc Yeah, I prefer to have actual conversations with people even over short text posts. I am not really interested in seeing the same conversations and images I have zero interest in constantly popping up.

@XerTheSquirrel Yush, exactly. It's a different sort of culture and communication method, I just couldn't ever get into it. :3

@gc I am reminded of the good old days of IRC as I sway back and forth in my rocking chair.

@XerTheSquirrel Yush! And I've heard people compare Mastodon to Usenet, which also seems like a fitting comparison.

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