Everything is down and it's going to be down until we can either fix the storage drives or get another solution for them. Not much else to do about it. We're running filesystem recovery and it's going to take a long time.

Hey just a small PSA, we have an alt over here on! We're gonna be using this as our private account while the servers are down. Please make sure you're following here if you're already following our private account!!

just updating this alt, nothing else to say tbh.

Gooooood morning, y'all. The power is out and its storming outside. Everything on and is down until our power comes back and we get Internet service again.

Progress update:
We have internet again to most things on the network, including the servers. asonix is attempting to fix his server setup so that packets for our domains get forwarded to the correct IPs. Everything on our end should be good to go, though. So, hopefully, we will be operational again soon.

Sorry we didn't make a post about this... Didn't think it would take so long.

Domain is gonna be down for a bit here. Moving DNS servers.

Alt. account has been moved, thank you very much. I was gonna move it to @Shadow8t4, but why do that when I have a perfectly good opportunity to make an alt as "@alexis"? 💙

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