It looks like is up again.
Thanks again!!

I'm watching this critique of Diablo III and I'm suddenly really compelled to play Diablo III even tho this guy is just tearing into it lol.

Holy shit it's like everyone showed up for work at the same time here at the Starbucks I'm at.

boy I can't wait to have my account back so I can actually boost my own selfies

That was like GNOME but like if you wanted it to be more fancy and showy and I just I'm sorry I don't like it.

I would probably like Deepin more if I actually liked GNOME. Sorry, I'm gonna stick with Budgie and MATE...

oh no no please no
I don't like this
I don't like Deepin

I deeply apologize

boy do I love it when a DE has no wiki page for properly installing it.
Thanks, Manjaro. I hope I did it correctly.

(Yes, I'm aware the arch wiki exists, but the arch wiki isn't exactly the be-all-end-all of Arch-based distros)

If anyone is in College Station and wants to hang out I'm getting coffee lol :P

It's update day. I'm yaourt -Syua --noconfirm -ing my desktop and my laptop.

Also I've been sleeping like all day and I want more sleep I hope I'm not sick. :c

Hi again our sysadmin over at is updating stuff so I'm gonna hang over here again for a bit.

Awoo space doesn't federate with my account rip.

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