*slaps roof of dag* this bad boy can fit 0 cycles in it

this debian image for rock64 came with xfce and it's like

i don't need that

this is a server

Where am I?

I'm here! @asonix

But I'm also here:

Instances that no longer exist (rest in peace):
@asonix @asonix

asonix.dog is growing!

Check out all my cool friends from asonix.dog

@Skepa foxxo
@FenTheWaff waff
@imara lion
@redwood doggo
@Greendrag13 doggo
@Shadow8t4 werefoxxo
@kay (inactive) wolf+moth
@Serket88 (inactive) anime girl
@asonix (me) werewaff doggo

don't stop us now 'cause we're havin' a good time

It's a shame awoo space doesn't have the emojo yet

Hey! Since I changed my domain and a bunch of people aren't following me anymore, could you all boost me around? Pls+thank

@asonix@mstdn.dank.software I'm still following from awoo space

free idea for a startup 

solve the halting problem using dank memes

HTML6 will let you teleport across the solar system using just the DOM

Well, my postgres hard drive is dying, so mstdn.dank.software won't be running probably

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