Messy day, long post, vomit 

Laptop power adapter stopped working middle of work yesterday.

Today, walk to nearby Apple Store. Not in stock. Delivery won't get it here on time for work on Monday. Nearest one available is at out of town mall over an hour's bus ride away, but they're also low on stock.

It's raining heavily. Bus is half an hour late.

Not been on a bus for so long that I forgot I get hella motion sick on buses. Close my eyes. Suffer through it.

Bus stops about halfway. Driver has done the maximum length of their shift, have to change bus.

Survive for another ten minutes or so on the second bus before I have to get off. Throw up pretty much immediately. End up walking the rest of the way to the mall.

At the second Apple Store. It's busy as hell. Make my way to the section they keep power adapters. One I need isn't there. Teenage girl standing next to me with her family looking for the exact same thing.

Eventually get a staff member to look for it. He isn't sure how many they have. He goes to the store room to look.

He comes back holding one box.

Goddamn funny guy had second one hidden behind his back, the last two left in stock. Buy it, finally, about 3.5 hours after leaving home.

Don't particularly want to get on a bus again, so decide to walk to the nearest railway station instead.

Out of town malls are not pedestrian friendly. Apple and Google Maps both keep giving weird, nonsensical walking directions. Mall is also built next to a former airstrip runway, have to walk all the way around the airstrip perimeter to get anywhere.

Eventually get to the train station. It's rammed full of rowdy people and 80+ police officers. A football match has just ended. Have to wait for another train, and then another bus (which was also crowded, though managed to not throw up this time).

Generally was uneventful after that point. Some unfortunate soul managed to miss the second bus three whole times. Oof.

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