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An intro toot because I never made one before.

👋️ Hello, I'm Kim.

🏳️‍⚧️⚧️ I'm a trans woman who uses she/her pronouns.

🇬🇧🇲🇾 I'm mixed white/Asian and live in the UK.

🕸️👩‍💻 I'm a professional website developer specialising in accessibility.

🤖🦇 I'm a furry. My fursona is a robotic Honduran white bat. Her name is Emy. She beeps.

🚀🗳️ Likely topics: Star Trek, politics, cartoons, web stuff, tech.

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blind person looking for a keypad :boost_ok: :at_me: 

My national org for the Blind has been out of Orbit braille gear for a while and they don't seem to be restocking anytime soon, and the site doesn't seem to ship outside of the US at the moment.

I am looking for either:

- An USian willing to send a package to Spain so I can buy the actual Orbit 20 braille typing keyboard.

- Advice on bluetooth keypads and programming them for braille on Android and Windows.

- Someone who builds keyboards who could make a small wireless keypad for braille and navigation (6 to 16 keys)

I live in Spain, in case you need to account for shipping and such.

New, clickbait-y blog post: Furry websites have trash accessibility (and it’s not their fault)

Hey furries,

What information would you find useful when it comes to learning about and implementing web accessibility?

I wanna know what'd be useful to write about!

re: AI-generated imagery 

It turns out it does a way better job if you say you want an illustration (or are just way more specific in general)

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Being robot is kinda weirdly validating feeling right now?

Not sure why exactly, other than maybe the re-occurring realisation that I've hated my flesh prison for most of my life and robots are pretty darn neat.

It's a bit of a quirk of the civil service in general that pay grade is directly tied to hierarchical seniority.

I basically leapt directly into a senior-ish position by virtue of it being a specialised role that commands a high-ish salary.

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if you have never used the --patch (-p) switch with git, you are missing out.
It's supported by add, commit, checkout, reset.

Basically any command that moves things things to/from the working tree/index, and it allows you to select what to move

It's amazing.

This table weirds me out because if I were in the military I’d apparently be equivalent to a captain or colonel and that seems like way more responsibility than I actually have.

I get that Opera is probably one of the most struggling browser vendors still around but them launching a crypto-integrated version of their browser is just 🤮

can i get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Something I've noticed to be sorely lacking from a lot of fandom spaces is accessibility knowledge.

Like, the websites for groups and conventions and such tend to be pretty garbage on the accessibility front, which seems weird when a lot of those fandoms are home to neurodivergent and disabled people.

I wonder if there's something that can be done there?

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This is a joke about Fedi culture 

Anyway, welcome to Fedi, which basically means you signed up to become a member of a local anarchist collective, you have been given a fursona, and you've been assigned an episode of Deep Space Nine to write a 1500 word essay on (yes this will be on the quiz)

I had their seafood basket-sounding thing, which turned out to contain entire fish and giant prawns.

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For lunch today I went to a market stall that specialised in seafood.

I did not anticipate how hard they went into seafood.

Crab burger? Oh so it's like a patty made of various ingredients, including crab meat? Haha, nope, it's an entire softshell crab in a burger.

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I remember back when Firefox 4 was first announced and damn I thought it looked so cool.

And I still do. Shit looks cool as hell.

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