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An #introduction / #reintroduction given the previous one was out of date. 

Hello world, I'm beeps. I'm a trans agender (it/its), asexual, furry, and robotkin, normally (but not always) represented online as a robotic bat. I'm the core of a system that also includes Olive.

Olive is non-binary (they/she), also asexual, and represented online as a plushie squirrel suit. Olive, whilst not entirely nonvocal, doesn't speak often, so you probably won't hear from them much.

Together, we work as a front-end developer for the British government and smooch @taylor twice as much as is necessary.

Me: Bamboozled over how to make a client JS-only theme switcher without a FOLM (Flash Of Light Mode) on each page load.

Also me: So accustomed to deferring JS initialisation in projects that I never thought that I could... just not do that.


[Furry trash mode activated.]
Gosh we have good fursonas. v huggable.


#PluralGang question, probably horribly simplified, but out of curiosity:

Do you expect close friends and partners to have some kind of awareness and/or relationship with ALL of your headmates/alters?

The dark mode version of my website is (IMO) so much nicer than the light mode version, but I wanna have both around still so folks can use which they prefer for reading. Argh!

the gifted student to trans girl to obedient dog timeline

(Not) Spotify Wrapped 

(Because I use Apple Music.)

Top songs:
1. Antonymph — Vylet Pony (57 plays)
2. Nothing is Safe — clipping. (56)
3. Bonnie — Vylet Pony (44)
4. Such Great Heights (Alt. Mix) — Ben Folds (38)
5. Black Steel — Tricky (31)

Top artists:
1. Public Service Broadcasting (628 minutes)
2. The Beatles (609)
3. Vylet Pony (573)
4. Epic Mountain (496)


(Probably not actually though cuz I only just got my billion accounts set up!)

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Aw snap my provider does managed Mastodon hosting now guess I’m gonna make a billion instances

Me and Keesh bat doing a meme at MFF 2017 I believe. Again I hope everyone has fun this year!

tbh Twitter’s leadership at this point has devolved to the point that I don’t want to use it out of principle, but so many people I know refuse to move aaaaargggggg

WikiFur has a list of furry-specific Mastodon instances if you were looking for somewhere that’d fit your vibe.

Tweetbot but for Mastodon teased. This is literally what I've been asking for. Literally.

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crypto/NFTs, non-specific callout post 

For all the folks who cancelled Discord Nitro over a rumour that they might do NFTs at some point in future, there sure is a whole lot of silence about Telegram actively going all-in on them.

Also they’ve still not sorted their media queries to fix the bug when the viewport is exactly 800px wide.

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Fur Affinity adds profile banner support: 🤔

> Must be uploaded in exact dimensions.
> Exact dimensions are pretty awkward.
> Site-wide news banner cuts off part of the image anyway.
> Forcibly converted into artifact-y JPEG.
> Does not reduce the banner’s width to fit the screen.
> Does not increase the banner’s width to fit the screen.
> Does not crop the image to the centre when it doesn’t fit on the screen.
> Basically useless on mobile screen sizes.


Does anyone make a mechanical keyboard with the exact same layout as a UK Apple keyboard?

It’s kinda annoying having all these sweet shortcuts and macros set up as I do but then having to change what physical keys I’m pressing depending on which keyboard I’m currently using.

Should start actively referring to myself as a synth. Synth is a cool word.

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