It's been a swell many years,, but the allowlist-based federation policy has started to bite as more and more friends have joined weird, niche, or single-user instances.

We'll be migrating over to momentarily.


“Bathrooms that are so cold that you piss steam” is apparently going to be a recurring theme for me today.

UK pol, transphobia 

love this idea that some changes to a law from 2004 that the government had a consultation about in 2018 and another one in 2020(?) is being "rushed"

I spend so much less time looking at Mastodon/Twitter when I’m not at work and goodness knows why that might be :p

Anyway when do I do the thing where I put my reg number in my display name??

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ConFuzzled has been paid for. Oof ow my bank account.

A minor gripe about jobs in general (not mine, specifically) 

Employers where you basically need to be in a leadership or management position to get a decent raise/promotion/bonus are pretty meh.

I don’t want to have control other people. I don’t aspire to there being an intrinsic power imbalance between myself and my colleagues. I just wanna do good work and be fairly compensated for my experience and ability to do it.

iOS 16.2 will introduce opt-in End to End encryption for most elements of iCloud (all elements that don't rely on legacy integrations - eg. Calendar, Mail, Contacts). US users will get it this year, others will get it early 2023.

You will also be able to use FIDO keys as an optional form of 2FA for an iCloud account.

In addition, you know that CSAM scanning idea for iOS 15 that Apple quietly delayed and stopped talking about when people pointed out how stupid it was? It's now officially canned.

OMG #chatGPT will replace lots of jobs - even those of tech writers!
Meanwhile in online tech magazine land…

Today's Oh Joy Sex Toy comic is a simple piece of gender euphoria, by Jey Pawlik. ^_^

"This is my only body. But that doesn't mean I can't do renovations and decorate it how I see fit."

Me: Bamboozled over how to make a client JS-only theme switcher without a FOLM (Flash Of Light Mode) on each page load.

Also me: So accustomed to deferring JS initialisation in projects that I never thought that I could... just not do that.


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