Hi folks!

Crom here. For personal reasons, both me and Crow are stepping away from, and I am personally leaving Mastodon at large.

It has been an incredible journey with all of you and we've been able to raise over $1500 together that went towardsnot only our meditation staff but towards our artist and other community artists thanks to your help.

We have accomplished something truly special and I hope it continues to stay that way for all of you.

The Patreon will be going inactive after the next month's payout. If you wish to continue to support us if we ever put it back online, feel free to stay aboard - you will not be charged until we mark the account as active again.

I hope you all have had and continue to have a wonderful pride month! Jani has been beside themself after Miffy got them a nice genderqueer flag.

We also had a second commission from Draekos, who drew Jani helping me upgrade the server the other day:

Take care y'all. Awoo!!!


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