Patron Blog 2018-03-06 

Welcome to March, awoofriends!!!!

First up, an update on our mediator situation. We're happy to say we've brought aboard both @PaulFerence and @Siph (main account is @Siphonay) for mediation! Both of them have been fantastic so far and we're all glad to have them.

We've updated our staff lists everywhere to reflect this. Additionally, we've updated our about/more page to also reflect our terminology to refer to them as mediators instead of moderators. Patron Blog 2018-03-06 

Next, while we don't have any art from our official artist this month to show off, she *is* working up on a neat animation involving the assets from last month, so stay tuned for that!

Even if we don't have art from Kyra, we do have some guest art from @scoliwings! They have a great art account at, check their stuff out!

Here's a link to the art: Patron Blog 2018-03-06 

No real big technical updates this month - we did upgrade the CSS on the Awoo skin, though it still needs more work! We likely will not touch anything until the 2.3.0 stable release comes out. At least Jani isn't gigantic on the front page any more!

As far as our whitelist goes, we've added the following folks in the last month:


Thanks for joining us!

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That's it for the end of February update, thanks for your support!!


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