I tried to do a doodle but I got "invalid file type". :S Did I do something wrong?

@cassolotl oh, seems like doodles don't work right now? thanks for the heads-up

@cassolotl Are you using Safari? For me it works in Firefox, but not in Safari.

@noiob I was using Adblock Browser on iOS! But right now I'm on Chrome, let's check...

Yup, Chrome seems fine. :)

@noiob (Some poking around suggests that Adblock Browser for iOS is somehow like Safari - it does a Handoff thing?)

@cassolotl afaik Handoff lets any app hand off to Safari (or whatever your default browser is)

@noiob Ahh okay, I've never seen it before but I assumed it was like when Chrome on one of my computers knows what Chrome on another of my computers is doing.

@cassolotl it's kind of like that, but I think apps are allowed to just give a webpage in case they don't have a corresponding desktop app, but a webapp or sth

@noiob Hmmm, okay. Cool. I have not bumped into it before, maybe it'll come in handy. :)

@cassolotl Mail and Messages should have it, too, and it works in both directions. I find it moderately useful

@cassolotl (it's not handled by Safari but by iOS and macOS respectively)

@cassolotl yeah, might be a Safari issue (I'm assuming Adblock Browser just uses the Safari parts iOS gives apps). I put it on the Discord, I'm sure it'll be fixed soonish

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