"wildcat strike" sounds so cool, who wouldn't want to do one

ah, it's Dumbing of Age remembers it has an RSS feed day

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THEM: If it was important, you'd remember

ME: [has ADHD] I frequently forget that close friends of mine exist

oh the little star on posts is the edit marker

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dear germany persons:

like many immigrants incl. Ukrainian refugees, I'm stuck in a situation where I can't use the German name/gender change laws (because I'm not a citizen) nor my country's system (because I'm not a resident).

my Krankenasse (AOK Nordwest) continually refuses to accept my DGTI-Ausweis, so that I get misgendered every time I need to use any health services or talk to them. after repeated requests I'm now giving them an ultimatum where I'll take legal action if they continue to misgender me.

I think there's a decent chance they will double down (because to do otherwise would require changing their software systems to have a gender of identity field separated from the legal gender, and the people in charge of handling complaints aren't the people who can make software decisions).

I fully intend to go after a lawyer and if that doesn't scare them, to do a legal battle and set a precedent for BvR 1833/95 implying that Krankenkassen have to accept DGTIs. if it becomes costly I'll call your help for crowdfunding ok :blobcat:

#deutschland #tsg #dgti #krankenkasse

apps that don't use the system image picker, fuck you

especially Twitter, it's a chore to find anything not in the main photos folder

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Did you know: Firefox actually has some pretty neat selection capabilities!

For text: hold CTRL to select multiple separate ranges of text

For tables: hold CTRL to select a square of multiple cells, or CTRL+SHIFT to select entire rows/columns/tables

I don't think I have time to learn the entire guilty gear story but I'm glad I understand the memes now

I guess I can't fault a game that has movement that's this fun for making me move around the city more

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I'm playing the Insomniac Spiderman and goddamn they keep adding more collectibles

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German words to show the importance of capital letters:

wagen - to dare
Wagen - car, cart

reifen - to mature
Reifen - tire

ahnen - to suspect
Ahnen - ancestors

arm - poor
Arm - arm

reich - rich
Reich - empire

samt - together with, along with
Samt - velvet

weg - away, gone
Weg - way, path

bar - cash
Bar - bar, pub

elf - 11
Elf - elf

fest - hard
Fest - Party

And no: "Party hard" is not "Fest fest". That would be too easy.

Enjoy our language!

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a roman cancel is when a bunch of senators stab you to death, im p sure

I've been watching Jenny Nicholson's Evermore video and god it's such a trip and I'm mostly just sad that the cool questing theme park they're promising doesn't exist and has never existed :( youtu.be/L9OhTB5eBqQ

I'm gonna allow myself a single word post about Hive:


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People on Twitter wished for an edit button. One of Hive's security vulnerabilities allows even more: You can edit posts of other accounts.

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I think I listened to that album a lot while working bc it's the right amount of chill, but it's also just really good

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