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Switzerland mandates software source code disclosure for public sector: A legal milestone

"Switzerland has enacted the "Federal Law on the Use of Electronic Means for the Fulfilment of Governmental Tasks" (EMBAG), establishing a mandatory requirement for open source software within public sector bodies."

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Hey so uh, Tusky users, we did an oops. Last week we accidentally published a beta version of Tusky to the Google Play release channel, and this lead to a feature we had not finished design discussions on being activated. The feature works, but its behavior may surprise you if you don't know it's there.

fyi: the newest website toy is also genAI

everything seems to be back up except for the Chaos lobby server, this is a personal attack

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ffxiv musings (no spoilers) 

I get that it's not canon but so often in the story someone goes "how do we transport this thing? how do we get to place X" and I'm sitting here with a pocket full of mounts. I have a large convertible, a tame behemoth, multiple airships, one of which turns into a mech, dragons, every single one flies (unless I haven't clicked all the wind orbs)

it's just funny to me. Imagine the WoL just spawning the Regalia and telling the gang to get in the car, losers

ffxiv Dawntrail postgame umbrella, outfit 


if it works it's great though, I vastly prefer onboard bluetooth to having another dongle

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the fuckass realtek bluetooth adapter on this gigabyte motherboard is driving me up the wall, it seems to break for no reason at random intervals

ffxiv Dawntrail postgame 

I will have my umbrella

food, vegetarian 

just found cheesecake in my fridge I had completely forgotten about, sweet

you can criticize macOS for a lot of things (and you should) but every time I see someone say "installing applications by moving them to your applications folder is unintuitive" I get very confused

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I just saw someone characterize running a Mastodon instance as being “no harder than running your own mail server” and I thought “oof, that’s a savage takedown” before grasping that they meant it as a positive.

every day the telegram devs add another useless and annoying UI flourish

like I love a phone with colors and weird accessories but I feel like they're squandering potential

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also I hate that they claim it has 16GB of RAM because it can have a 8GB swapfile (and 8GB of RAM is fine in a 200€ phone?)

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