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trans care, electrolysis, SEA-local, asking for help 

glad that they only release one every year

time to install the 2020 AMD driver

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"average linux distribution has 4 init systems" factoid actualy just statistical error. average linux distribution has 1 init system. "Init System Georg" Gentoo, who lives in cave and has over 10,000 init systems, is an outlier adn should not have een counted

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tf actually stands for 'touch fishy'

there's a bunch of limited-time-only demos for (mostly) indie games up on Steam right now

Okay here's ten games I played this year (not necessarily released this year) that I really enjoyed 

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I have ADHD, or as it’s known in the Unix world, “focus follows mouse”

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rock cocks (webcomic) 

oh yeah I finally finished the Resident Evil 2 remake today (took me a while because it's scary and stresses me out) and it's such a good hecking game. You should play it. Or play the original it still holds up pretty well imo

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The Game Awards 

were #theGameAwards always three hours? god this was so boring

uh yeah RE2make deserved an award and the show was kinda shit

good night

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