also I didn't expect it to play (without CFW), UMDs are region-locked, but Japan and Europe are the same region

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whoever decided on the starters for Pokémon Legends has good taste

shork booped

TIL the devs doing the Pokémon D&P remakes also did the Domino's Pizza App featuring Hatsune Miku

New!Snap looks so good, it really seems like they're going all out to make the world seem alive, with custom eating animations for different Pokémon and everything
I can't wait to explore

re: Pokémon 

also I feel like remakes more often than not just ditch the original artstyle like it's bad now or sth

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people are really hating that Diamond/Pearl art style
imo it has a lot more character than Let's Go PikaVee, and that one wasn't bad either


gosh I love the graphics on the Diamond/Pearl remakes, they're keeping the original style but rendering in 3D/hidef

I'm begging all companies to do Youtube premieres instead of live streams

I check on Jerma's stream for a minute and he's gambling to get a billion dollars and then buying a billion dollar's worth of limes

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:boost_ok:​ fedi tetris players: do you want to get together in a TETR.IO room this weekend? 

hey y'all fedi tetris players do you want to get together in a TETR.IO room this weekend?

we can do free-for-all versus knockout, tournament, duels, custom rules, etc

if you're ranked in Tetra League it might be helpful to say your rank? I haven't played the new season but I used to be A-

anyone is welcome of course, ranked or not, good and bad; we can figure something out if there's huge skill gaps

if enough people respond i'll DM everyone who favs this with the room URL before it starts

feel free to reply and discuss game modes/rules/etc

also there's tons of catboy Jerma art now so that's great

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Jerma's pauses showing fanart is such a good idea

every time I see the EVA funko pops I take 10 points of psychic damage

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