don't mind me, just using my hydrodynamic control surfaces to swim

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However, the hydrodynamic control surfaces of fish are always referred to as "fins" and never "flippers".

thanks wikipedia

Windows Defender just detected the ePub of "Practical Malware Analysis" by Michael Sikorski as a virus

has Neil Cicierega done it again

I get that it's on purpose but I still hate looking at them

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the character animations in Minecraft are really that bad, huh

it's a really cheaply made phone the cloud storage function is bullshit but it looks cute and it has four! LEDs on the back
according to Wikipedia, the Razer Phone was based on it

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I still think the Nextbit Robin was a pretty phone

Asking for financial help, boosts encouraged 

Hey friends,

As you probably know I lost my job. I won’t get unemployment benefits until next month so I have no income this month. I’ve tried to manage my money to the best I can but unfortunately it’s still going to be real rough to get through October.

So yeah, I need money to make sure I’ll be able to pay my rent, and to make sure I’ll be able to afford food.

I would appreciate any financial help I can get, even if it’s only a little bit.

You can donate to me through PayPal:

Or through Ko-fi:

And in any case, just a boost will already go a long way! So if you want I’d really appreciate it if you boosted this post.

Thank you very much <3

Wow, this tool looks awesome! I imagine it'll take some time to set up, but it seems like just the kind of thing I'd like to use:

Nintendo should really hire a plumber with all the leaks they've been having lately

you can set method="dialog" in a form and it'll dismiss the dialog on submit

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