but hey, I'm learning stuff! that's always good. And I haven't broken my N64 yet, that's also good

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sounds like a short to me, at least I'm getting decent at removing those lol

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welp, there's still something wrong with my N64RGB installation, input is all messed up when I use two controllers, and when I have no second controller the first one's joystick controls player 2 as well

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idk why they call it a restful api when I'm still stressed out

I don't go to live concerts very often, like, a few times a year and often it's my friends playing but god I miss it

Is New Pokémon Snap not getting a physical release in Germany?

looking at yahoo auctions listings makes Japan seem like some kind of promised land for collectors of old gaming systems

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"you can convert it to CSV" CSV is almost as bad, it's just easier to parse

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I wish people would understand that Excel is neither a database nor a data transfer format

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money (-), help needed 

Hey, I'm a disabled queer person who doesn't have a stable source of income. I try to do emoji commissions when I can but I really haven't had the capacity to finish the commissions I have or take more on atm and I'm really running out of money to pay for food and bills. If you could help that would be really appreciated:

(thank you so much in advance)

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Referring to turn based strategy games as "chess-likes"

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the concept of computer hacking was invented in 1995 with the movie Hackers (1995)

37 minutes of Overwatch Total Mayhem must be a personal record, what a struggle

still won lol

the box tells you which games you can use it with, I wonder if the GCN controller is the one that works with the most consoles

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