we teach girls to shrink themselves, to fit themselves more compactly in a transistor. we expect girls to double in processing efficiency every two years. we say to sufficiently advanced girls, you are indistinguishable from magic







hi all! my wonderful love of a beautiful Polish nonbinary anarchist needs a job. they're in the Düsseldorf area and can do things like barista or bartender that don't require special degrees. if you know of anything that's like, not abusive to immigrants, please DM

thought about clipping a mic to my camera which already has a desk mount but eh that'd be pretty hacky

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thinking about getting a better mike rophone so ppl in voice chat stop complaining about my audio but I also don't wanna dedicate desk space to one (or get an arm, I hate the aesthetic of microphone arms)

re: covid bullshit, gerpol 

I'm so fucking tired

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covid bullshit, gerpol 

oh lovely, Germany is phasing out free covid tests, but of course it's Germany so if you have one of a very complicated list of reasons (which you're supposed to smoehow prove???) it's free or for some reasons (including an alert in the contact tracing app that used to give you a free PCR test!) it's 3€
otherwise it's 11,50€


On this day in 1985, London Pride was led by miners in solidarity with LGSM (Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners), something that was depicted in the movie Pride and is well documented to have led to many gay rights in the UK

That was also my first ever pride. In a sling, as a baby, I marched alongside the miners and the queers.

Today, exactly 37 years later, I helped to lead and organise a trans rights protest outside Downing Street in London.

Solidarity forever.

asking for help 

Hey, lovelies

Sorry for being a constant burden, you know how much I hate it, but I need a hand (or paw) with groceries.

Anything you could kick into the bucket hat would be massively appreciated


Thanks so much for keeping me living and sane. You all truly mean the world to me :teal_sparkling_heart:

Überraschung, das 9€ Ticket wirkt und wenn man den ÖPNV attraktiver macht (und Autos unatraktiver) dann nutzen die Leute das Angebot golem.de/news/tomtom-verkehrsd

New Mastodon logo v2c (improved).really.Copy Of Final(2).svg.png.jpg.bmp.jpg.jpg.jpeg.jpg.jpg.webp

can i pretty please get a cohost invite?

i would've asked two days ago but i was busy trying to survive getting a protection order against my parents lol

gonna submit a glitchsoc PR that makes the name of the "Toot"/"Publish" button a user option, with the options being "I like fun" and "I am a Very Serious Website Person"

wait the toot button saying "Publish" isn't a joke? They actually did that?

on-device encrypted open source menstrual tracking app. Play Store or FDroid. iOS version in the works


An easy thing to do on Firefox to remove tracking parameters when you share links:

1. write about:config in the address bar
2. search for
3. set it at true

Hop goodbye ?fblic=blah&mc_eid=blah

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