yeah idk, the Pixel Watch seems cool, I'll probably get one as even my Pebble's replacement battery is on its way out. I'll definitely wait for reviews though

the room lights dimming for the presenter who's on via video is pretty slick

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with how much stuff has leaked I'm not expecting any suprises

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weird, the Steam version of Tomb Raider 1 runs fine on the Deck (though running Dosbox in Wine feels a bit silly) except the cutscenes? how can that be broken, surely the game comes with the video decoder?

I feel vindicated for staying on Stable, they already released at ton of really useful fixes and features

the Deck is surprisingly comfortable to game on, I played so long I managed to discharge it and charge it to 3/4 during the same session, now I'm on battery again

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god, is this really so old that QTEs were still the height of gameplay?

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well, y'know, I said I didn't have the patience for Shadow of Mordor… I just beat it

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I think whoever first took Javascript and said "this is good but what if it was a compiled language" ruined us all

oh right, Mastodon still doesn't really vibe with transparent images, sorry about that

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oh hey, Matter released on the 30th, here's hoping that it actually does what it promises to do. The Home Assistant people seem to be pretty hopeful about it

well since we all agree that a coworker is someone who orks cows, it’s obvious that a manager ages men, right

is your laptop dangerous due to housing a sentient malicious program? no? do you want it to look like it is?

I've updated my SCP-style laptop sticker generator with a new five-armed spiral galaxy design, with such amazing features as:
- looks more evil
- more thematic to the SCP universe
- no longer looks like a swastika at a glance
- now 100% copyright infringement free
- something else i'm sure

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