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need mutual aid for food, please boost :boost_ok: 

Hey there,

I started paying the rent I owe back, so unfortunately I’m broke again until the middle of next week when I get paid. I’m working ~40h a week but I’m in a financial hole and it’s tough to get out of and to stay motivated when you’re not sure you’ll be able to eat

Until then it woul be nice if people could send me some help to be able to afford groceries to make sure I can eat.

I think 75€ would be comfortable for a good grocery run or two.

If you want to help me pls send money to

If you can’t or don’t want to give money, boosting goes a long way! It really does.

Thanks :heart_sp_nb:

#mutualaid @mutualaid

it fits exactly, I didn't expect it to be this precise, dang. Also I gotta get myself some calipers, my original measurements were not remotely good enough

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whoa! I run a mix of debian testing/unstable on my main home machine and the "t64" packages have started showing up in unstable.

I was like... "what's t64".

And it's time. time is changing.

#debian #time_t #timet #2038

and that's the other side done, fits together snugly with minimal filing, dang

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new soldering iron shell swapped, updated and bootlogo'd ✅

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the work coffee maker makes hot chocolate now :3

great way to learn that from a call from a number I don't recognize (it was probably nothing important)

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welp, I guess the earpiece speaker on my phone is broken?

Apple TV+ is getting a Neuromancer show, I am cautiously optimistic?

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all caps eurovision switzerland 



phpstorm is pretty cool but god their git tooling is annoying, vscode's just assumes you already know how to use git and helps if you want it to

Apple Music has a new generated playlist… I'm not super convinced

aw, the about:config setting that puts the Firefox logo back on the FF View tab stopped working. I just wanted to see the fox.

if you have a 3DS or a Wii U (especially with CFW) with SpotPass data consider helping archive it! I just did it on my CFW'd 3DS and it took less than five minutes

Fusion 360 update: this model is janky but I consider it done, coming soon to a 3D printer near you*

*if you're near me

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especially since clicking random things sometimes makes my computer fans spin up a lot

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fusion 360 is really challenging my "I don't need a tutorial, I'm sure I can figure it out"

one of the best thing about multi-seat mounts: they allow players who have unlocked flying play taxi for players who haven't, cutting down on aether current collecting time

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