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..|\|\__ make awoo
< ` o/ legal you
/ 7 cowards

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i need $100 to order groceries, $60 for medical weed, & $20 for various expenses like bus fare ($180 total)

unemployed atm. once i get the rest of my name change etc. squared away roomie can help me find a job





GFM (separate):

patreon (monthly):

tysm 🖤

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund

I need to know if anyone's doing a Nethack challenge run on the 13th because it'd be cool (it's a Friday the 13th and a new moon and those make the game a lot harder)

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After it's made a landing in a wheat field, how do you fly an A320 out of it again?

Nobody knows - apparently, this will be the first time anyone's tried flying a large passenger jet from such a location. Seems the engines are intact and clear, though, and they'll try lightening the craft by removing the seats. They may also wait until the ground freezes, which probably won't be too long, being near Novosibirsk.

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Gestern am 3.Okt. um 12:00 Uhr lag der Anteil Erneuerbarer Energien am 🇩🇪 Stromverbrauch bei 106,2% und auf den gesamten Strommix des Tages bei 80,5%! Allein die Windkraft trug 57,9% bei. Das ist eine krasse Erfolgsgeschichte die unbedingt weiter geschrieben gehört, anstatt jetzt ewig den Atomausstieg zu betrauern.

I just realized it's pronounced "google pixelate"

also I'm expecting them to say "AI" too many times

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oh, right, pixel event. not really interested in new phones unless they shadow drop one that flips, and Google is incapable of not leaking every detail about their devices

Watch 2 looks good but I doubt it's worth upgrading to from the first one

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#Firefox just announced a new #privacy feature: Encrypted Client Hello (ECH). In short, it encrypts the very first message the browser sends out to initiate an encrypted communication tunnel (TLS channel) with a website.

"ECH uses a public key fetched over the Domain Name System (DNS) to encrypt the first message between a browser and a website, protecting the name of the visited website from prying eyes and dramatically improving user privacy."

they really did Watch for Rolling Rocks in zero A presses, huh

okay, removing it completely and reinstalling did the trick this time

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does anyone know how to fix the new wacom driver on Windows? do I just look for an older version and install that?

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The clock has started. You only have 29 days left to be aware of cybersecurity.

this locktober, turn on https-only mode in Firefox and encrypt your hard drive

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