somoene started the Splatoon Direct on the wrong day lol

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Superglue: for when something's broken and you want to glue the pieces to your fingers


having some porridge :oat:

just took this photo of a harvester harvesting at night for some reason. Dunno what crop though

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Welp, Severance got me hooked and the theme's playing in my head

Severance major spoiler 

maybe they should've put the suicide content warning before the suicide attempt but idk

Severance, apple tv+ show, not a spoiler but a production mistake I guess 

Severance shows what's supposed to be amateur video that cuts between multiple camera angles



oh, it's probably part of the digital wellbeing beta that I happen to still be enrolled in

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found a cute animation that I'm pretty sure is new to Android 12

oh, if you try and set a wallpaper from the ipad photos app it just doesn't get cropped the way you set it, but from the settings it works fine
how do you fuck that up, shouldn't that be the same thing

aw, this weird Sony tv web browser can't handle Mastodon

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I did the numbers on my sale prices, and honestly, they seemed fine, so I'm keeping my sale price as my default price now! Twitch emote prices are lower and simpler too!

I got a couple of open slots ^^

Details and prices:

then again at least it still works and I have a way to install it after it got taken off the play store

iphone users can't even do that

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on the one hand I get that lax permissions and access to accessibility apis is a.real problem on Android

on the other hand it's a major hassle to sideload the pebble app and have my phone tell me "oh god this can read all your data" yeah of course it can it's supposed to display it on my smartwatch

Finally got the "I have spent too much time in the gold saucer" mount

tv remotes only do this when they're very distressed

started watching Severance and gosh I love it when a shot is framed perfectly symmetrical

aay the new mariokart tracks are out

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