iPadOS 18 beta icons musings 

I finally found the icon theming settings on my iPad (it's behind the edit button in the top left while in wiggle mode) and I gotta say, who greenlit this, I can't get it to look good

dark mode might work once third parties roll out their own icons (though I don't even like Apple's)

large icons (without labels) look a bit fisher-price-y to me, and I hate that it also affects the app library. might be nicer on a phone, idk

This is a neat feature but they really didn't have to style it after the iPhone calculator. No light mode and that ever-present giant mode switch button is wild

apple pls just make quick settings wider on iPad lmao

ooo Siivagunner dropped a bunch of Antonymph rips (starting with youtube.com/watch?v=-9j2ipmkwl)

I can't believe someone just released Debian 12 for this thing. It might actually be a useful computer

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I bought a 5-pack of cheap PLA on Aliexpress, it shipped from Germany and it's really nice? the biggest issue I have with it is that it's spooled kinda messy

I found a really nice model online, it's clearly meant for an SLA (resin) printer. I do not have an SLA printer, so instead I'm printing FDM with the highest resolution available to me and lots of supports. Also upscaled 250% but I wanted a figurine rather than a mini anyways

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anyway hi i lost my job due to long covid and now i got mono

trying to do my own thing for a bit

hmu if you want a $5 game server, or to comm me for something like a twitch interactive toy or roll20 maps or something


I tell Google assistant to set an alarm or turn off the lights: my phone tells me to try the new LLM-based assistant. I look up whether it's better at doing the few things I like to use Assistant for – turns out they grafted Assistant's functionality onto it, so it's the same but even less reliable. The "AI era" seems to be going great.

oh shit the new Perfect Dark game still exists

it only stays on reliably when the power button is pressed so I did the only logical thing

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