Metroid: Dread shinespark puzzle 

fuuuuuck this took so long

there seems to be no limit to how many postcards you can send to a person in Pikmin Bloom so if you're really dedicated you can probably keep someone from playing the game for a while

oh, turns out whoever wrote the IGN guide was too good and skipped a part that made it a good bit easier

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always a good sign when I have to check a walkthrough when I found the solution but I'm not sure if it's actually doable

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the difficulty divide between regular metroid: dread progression and shinespark puzzles is maybe a bit large

since people are doing the Spotify thing, here's the equivalent on Apple Music

shork booped
shork booped

In Sachen Ausnutzen einer nationalen Notsituation steht die #LucaApp anderen Skandalen wie Masken-Deals und Schnelltest-Millionen in nichts nach.

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@shahaan Ah, you mean systemd.

It's a shorthand for System of a Down, who provide the official music module for Linux.

the documentation for my Android ssh client isn't readable on my phone

to think that I could still be on my free trial

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wow heavensward was a trip! that was some intense stuff
*realizes I'm only last 3.3 and it does up to 3.6* oh no

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also the ISP couldn't be assed to actually put fiber here so yay, it's VDSL

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probably less of a pain to get the game running on this macbook pro but I don't wanna buy it twice so that'd mean wrestling with wine (also, see above, awful wifi)

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just played some FFXIV via Parsec and I can conclusively state that my parents' wifi is awful

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