haben wir hier kölner_innen, die gerne cola trinken? unser kölner händler hat 100! kisten da, die offiziell am 6.12. ablaufen. jede kiste die noch verkauft wird hilft seinen und unseren verlust zu reduzieren. kann jemand helfen? moellers-fritten.de

#Rettungsdienst in Not! Ein guter Freund ist Notfallsanitäter in Berlin und beschreibt hier seine aktuellen Erfahrungen. Spoiler: Sieht nicht so gut aus.
#berlin #corona #covid19 #sytemrelevant

begpost, ph- 

My wife is currently in the hospital because of an unexpected kidney stone and has had to miss three days of work so far. I’m about five days away from my next disability payment. I just need a little bit of cash for toiletries and laundry. Anything helps. PayPal is kobifox@zencavern.com. Thanks in advance.

I haven't played it, but Blair Witch is free on Epic rn, and you can pet the dog in that game

the new James Hoffmann video is the greatest old coffee tasting video he's ever done


today's Sleepless Domain 

just look at this whole page they're the best

I just don't like that I can't edit metadata after ending the upload process

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Funkwhale seems like good software, nice

they should just put cloud streaming clients on the Switch instead of having each streamed game separately

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