absolutely losing my fucking mind at this video from the wikipedia page for the physics engine "phyz"

22000 songs is probably a low estimation, considering it's from Wikipedia

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average singer has created thosands of songs and worked on a video game is actually a statistical error, Hatsune Miku who lives in your wifi, has over 22000 songs and also made Minecraft is an outlier and should not be counted

at first I was like "oh, a cheap Chromecast clone, that's handy" but the pictures are just, woah

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another one in "of course that's a thing": a device that fakes step counts for you by shaking your phone

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@noiob how am I supposed to play male crime world now that my controller is gay.

I kinda wanna buy this 1080p camcorder to see how much camcorder you can get for 10€. Love that it looks exactly like a way more expensive camcorder de.aliexpress.com/item/4001154

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apparently this product will spawn a tiny Hatsune Miku in my house

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