So is doing that thing with the sensible CW/Hide Media combo, and that means I am now torn between and


Kinda mean (minimalism, zero waste) 

I'm laughing every time I see an "every day carry" thing by a minimalist or a zero waste person that contains a reusable straw.

Why do you need a straw??!?!! WHY?!?!!?!

I want to make my space as stuff-free as possible! So I'm making a blog where you can click a button and it gives you a random photo of a minimalist/decluttered house, so I can click it when I'm lacking motivation. :P

"London needs more gender-neutral public toilets, says mayor's plan"

"The document, due to be published this week, will include guidance saying more toilets must be built in shops, leisure facilities and large public areas that are suitable for all users, including disabled people, older people and families with young children.

"For the first time, the London Plan also calls for the provision of gender-neutral toilets for and people." Ahhhhh I am so late in replying to this! I've not logged into for aaaages. I will post this now!

Sexual harassment in Star Trek Oh I think I heard about that podcast! But yeah, at the end of the (hugely transphobic) episode Quark was like "I'm sorry I was awful, never mind that rude proposition, have a payrise" and she was like "awwwww but I wanted to try out the things in the book you gave me about oomox!"

But he still said he would fire her if she didn't have sex with him soooooo :S

Sexual harassment in Star Trek 

Ew ew ew EWWWWW there was a scene just now in DS9 (S06E23) where Quark very clearly told his best employee that he would fire her unless she started having Ferengi sex with him and it was presented as a COMICAL SCENE but there was nothing funny going on, it was just plain horrifying with a comedy soundtrack.

I'm glad the times are changing, holy sexual harassment in the workplace Batperson. DDD:

Now I'm going to chill and knit until the pokémon go thing happens. :) 3 hours until Hallowe'en event! Ooo, I should fuel up, too.


I think it's cool and worth noting that Ferengi always have nail varnish that co-ordinates with their outfit flawlessly, regardless of gender or profession - Nog even wears it to go with the ensign colour on his uniform!


I've got the internal screamies today. I am feeling a bunch of resistance to things (like inktober) and ahhhhh I don't know what's going on. Oh well. :S (Alexithymia is going on, I know that much.) Ohhhh you meant USian conservatives! That is an area I am much less familiar with. :S

The UK Conservatives also passed the laws involving same-binary-gender marriage and stuff too, so actually their recent LGB record has not been too bad. :) They're planning to overhaul the Gender Recognition Act to allow binary trans people to self-define their legal gender without requiring medical evidence, making the Gender Recognition Panel obsolete.

Having said that, I really really hate the Tories generally, and the Labour party had this *plus recognition for nonbinary people* in their election manifesto anyway.

@noiob Hmmm, okay. Cool. I have not bumped into it before, maybe it'll come in handy. :)

@noiob Ahh okay, I've never seen it before but I assumed it was like when Chrome on one of my computers knows what Chrome on another of my computers is doing.

@noiob (Some poking around suggests that Adblock Browser for iOS is somehow like Safari - it does a Handoff thing?)

@noiob I was using Adblock Browser on iOS! But right now I'm on Chrome, let's check...

Yup, Chrome seems fine. :)

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