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introduction 19-09-2019 

Nights like this I wish Twitch had more Always On channels full of terrible reruns sitting around, ngl

food (+) 

introduction 19-09-2019 

UPDATE: preferred furry blanket needs a wash, have compromised by wearing pyjama bottoms made of the same fabric as base fleece layer

It is a pants compromise

tuvix shitpost 

tuvix shitpost 

ah, to be an Eevee and just use ruff and tail for all bedding needs

me: I can’t wait until the bedroom is just cold again

me in the cooler room: do I want to add a furry blanket to the three layers of microplush and the duvet? Two furry blankets is probably overkill, right

my sleep is so wrecked, but but likely very disappointing Apple keynote tomorrow, but but sleep

it’s very loud in here

I would kind of like it if everyone just texted the way they tell me all of humanity does instead of talking in all caps

food/meat +, illness - 

Nintendo Direct/Pokémon 

Nintendo Direct/Pokémon 

Nintendo Direct/Overwatch 

It cannot be release day for Untitled Goose Game soon enough

food/meat (+) 

food/meat (+) 

UPDATE TO UPDATE: I immediately fell asleep

UPDATE: apparently stuff keeps happening which keeps me from sitting down and fixing the laptop? But now I have insomnia from the nap I had to take to recover from my sleep (!?!) so JOKE’S ON THEM

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