it's finally done

i've made Many Minor Tweaks v5.0 for Sonic Robo Blast 2!

i've once again re-written this entire mod from the ground up; now it not only works in multiplayer, but comes with a whole host of new tweaks!

do check it out if you play SRB2!

Spanish | linux monitor experience 

reciΓ©n acabo de probar un monitor que tenΓ­a guardado, lo conectΓ© a mi pc con fedora y no me detecta la resoluciΓ³n. me da a elegir solo 3 resoluciones 4:3


someone is a graphic designer? or at least someone that knows how to use inkscape?

I need help with my icon pack, I want to change the remaining old icons to redesigned icons.

hElp :blobwoah:

aleta va a tener su propio build system!

no logro entender a make y a meson .w.

Ah, so that is why Debian ships an old Firefox ESR so basically you have to install the browser from Flatpak which is bad, because then, how do you load a PKCS#11 driver shipped in a shitty .deb?

happy dragon appreciation day!

we'd ask on this very special, unique, and one of a kind day that you take a moment to think of dragons, and appreciate them

and then take that moment and just keep having it happen all day long. this entire day is a dragon appreciation moment.

The very first release of Matrix Stream Chat is here!

#matrix powered community interactions on *your* livestreaming, through any OBS supported service!

code & instructions at

and hosted instance at


Empiezo a hacer retransmisiones de mΓ­ haciendo mis iconos?
:blobcat: :ms_artist_y2: :ms_computer: :ms_purple_heart: :ms_folder: :ms_crt_prompt:

I switched the theme of inkscape to minwaita and now it is much more faster!!!!
I will make icons more frequently.

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