I think this is the most requested feature for Fragments.
Working on selective torrents / files support. 👀

Fragments is getting more and more mature, soon no one will have an excuse to use another torrent client because features are missing. 😉

#GNOME #BitTorrent #Torrent

I made a Firefox extension to open GNOME Software in the selected application panel when the Install button is clicked on flathub.org. It's called Flatline!

#gnome #firefox #flathub #extension #flatpak @gnome @FlatpakApps


a Spanish Facebook user has inadvertently leaked into a fedi instance and is now posting highly paranoid, highly misogynist, extremely hilariously borked English

please proceed to ignore

Productive hacking at LAS today: Jonas managed to get an initial implementation of two-dimensional navigation gestures working 🎉

La @fsfe pide a la UE legisle para extender la vida útil del hardware y incentive el reciclado de dispositivos a través del desbloqueo de bootloaders, la publicación de especificaciones, y garantizando el derecho a reparar.


Carta abierta:


Well, aleta started another redesign, but this is basically the same design as the previous one, but now the icons are 16x16, and not 18x18. this makes aleta Pixel-perfect, and looks better in small places. 32x32 is the minimal resolution to appreciate the majority of the icons, instead of 64x64. I consider this a huge improvement, and... If you have free time, I need your help so much. I have little time to make more icons now I have started school. :ms_purple_heart:

Ok now I colored my new prophile photo and added a small gay+bi flag on it xd

Hi everyone! well, I made a lot of changes in aleta, and there is a lot of activity now. I forgot to publish here all of the activity XD

aleta now have 508 icons!
there are 91 commits!
there are 2 new contributors!
i think the 50% of the icon pack have the new design, and it's percent is growing!
there are 3 stable releases
Sergiotarxz has made a project that build unstable releases when aleta has a new commit
here is a new presentation, and here is the image:

I switched from Debian to Fedora a few months ago; The reason is: woah an updated gnome

it's finally done

i've made Many Minor Tweaks v5.0 for Sonic Robo Blast 2!

i've once again re-written this entire mod from the ground up; now it not only works in multiplayer, but comes with a whole host of new tweaks!

do check it out if you play SRB2!


Spanish | linux monitor experience 

recién acabo de probar un monitor que tenía guardado, lo conecté a mi pc con fedora y no me detecta la resolución. me da a elegir solo 3 resoluciones 4:3


someone is a graphic designer? or at least someone that knows how to use inkscape?

I need help with my icon pack, I want to change the remaining old icons to redesigned icons.

hElp :blobwoah:

aleta va a tener su propio build system!

no logro entender a make y a meson .w.

Ah, so that is why Debian ships an old Firefox ESR so basically you have to install the browser from Flatpak which is bad, because then, how do you load a PKCS#11 driver shipped in a shitty .deb? https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Web-Browser-Packages-Debian
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