@mondstern@mastodon.technology @hacknorris@mastodon.technology I love your gnome paint. The LM (linux mint) is outdated? or it is your own design?

I think this is the most requested feature for Fragments.
Working on selective torrents / files support. 👀

Fragments is getting more and more mature, soon no one will have an excuse to use another torrent client because features are missing. 😉

#GNOME #BitTorrent #Torrent

I made a Firefox extension to open GNOME Software in the selected application panel when the Install button is clicked on flathub.org. It's called Flatline!

#gnome #firefox #flathub #extension #flatpak @gnome @FlatpakApps

@kobi_lacroix I hate discord entirely. The UI is awful and confusing XD


a Spanish Facebook user has inadvertently leaked into a fedi instance and is now posting highly paranoid, highly misogynist, extremely hilariously borked English

please proceed to ignore

Productive hacking at LAS today: Jonas managed to get an initial implementation of two-dimensional navigation gestures working 🎉

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