I’ve moved! I’m now at @oolongstains

Sorry for the inconvenience. I know that cross-instance account moves are awkward!

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Started on this tonight with a basic subcode data analyzer. If this is something you’d find useful, as an individual or archives, let me know what kinds of features you’d want!

I’m thinking of having a report generator in human-readable and JSON/YAML formats. It could document what type of significant properties it’s found, and provide preservation recommendations - for example, whether subcode data is crucial or unimportant.

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Tempted to spike a quick CloneCD audit tool for archives… something that gives you recommendations on how likely data in it is to be significant. For example, whether the subcode data is necessary or contains any interesting content.

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Did you know that I'm a photographer?
Did you know that you can buy my very best work on Society6?
It's true, and here's proof!

The English version of this old Mac tool doesn't seem to be available anywhere so Iv'e been spending my time muddling through the Japanese. ^_^; At least I understand what these errors mean now...

This is a really charming ending video! (Hisone to Masotan - version with the original song by France Gall) youtu.be/zgsSFw_nB5E

@quephird@mastodon.social If I shouldn't tap on your name, should I be concerned about snoot boops?

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Spiritual Vibes - Midori no Umi (via Current Condition) youtu.be/PJF3lKYbYG0

There's an exhibition of early Italian net art: binart.eu

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