let me preface this thread by saying i am high

so, i bought a new microwave oven

as with any microwave oven, it is annoying and chock full of UX missteps

one of them is the end-of-cooking beep

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it will beep like six times when the food is done

which is fine, sure, whatever

but it doesn't stop beeping just because you open the door... no, it has to beep all six times, like the pain in the ass it is

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it has a blessedly rare feature tho: a mute function

you can, by holding down an overloaded button, turn all the beeping off foreverrrrr (or until you turn it back on)

so this is great, i have a nice quiet microwave oven now!

except... i still want to know when the food is ready

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*does a bong hit*

*looks at the audience for a moment*

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now, i want to let you know that i am actually a legit electrons enginerding technopologist

and this idea needs some sober thought before execution, cuz idk it might be dangerous


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consider, for a moment, magnets

you may not know how they work, and in fact, you might not know how they work. this is okay! you don't have to understand them to use them every day at your job[1]!

but, let me try to remember this whole thing

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so electrons moving through zappy-snakes make magnet waves

and these magnet waves will attract things that are ferrous[2]

if i recall correctly; honestly i'm just a software engineer with a knack for firmware[3] and i may be wrong. that's why this needs thought


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*bong hit*

*sees timer counting down*

oh boy


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