the photos i post are free for anyone to use for anything, but if you want to give me money for my photography (which is how i make my living!), please feel free to hit my patreon or paypal!

it's so bizarre that everyone's judgment of mastodon's success uses the same rubric as twitter's success.

for me, marginalized ppl feeling loved, cared for, and supported in a radical, restorative space is a success and I don't think forbes will ever understand that

Super into reading my Kindle while the neighborhood owl hoots outside :3

Precious owl, please feel free to fly inside and roost on the couch!

MIDI the kitty has been super sleepy all afternoon! He's just been curled up in his bed on the couch. :3

The owl is back and is hooting outside! I wanna meet the owl so badly aaaaa! Please fly in my house and roost, you're 100% welcome here. There are already six owl plushies in the living room. :owl:

I did it. I washed my hair. The massive task is complete. My floof is clean.

The price I pay for very long, dyed hair is a heavy one.


I would like to have the ability to scry a pie

Snowy owl: *does literally anything*

Me: Dear goddess you're perfect 😻😻😻😻😻


I have created the taster coffee omg

Can it quit being cold as hecko, I didn't expect this in April

My gf and I are finally going to see Your Name tonight

I wore a scarf and gloves today, and excuse me, this is April 8th in California

Fennecs thrive in hot, dry weather, and this cold, gray, rainy biz is doing me a sad

Can we please go back to having spring, I was super into that

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